Ski events like nowhere else - ski under northern lights or combine with city elements - skiing in Norway is a truly unique experience.


Amongst the vast and sparsely populated land of Norway are numerous superb ski areas which offer unique ski experiences. It is possible to ski on the outskirts of cities, under the northern lights of the arctic or on the slopes of Olympic host resorts. The country leads the way in sustainable initiatives with over 98% of the local electricity coming from renewable sources, locally sourced food, electrified transport and enviable gender and rights protections. Corporate ski events in Norway are like few other places and can be combined to include city and cultural features, for a truly unique experience.

Drawn by the global resort brands, and the vast ski areas, many corporate ski trip planners head to the Alps. Yet there are an increasing number of clients who are looking for something new to experience. The ski areas in Norway don’t rival the size of Les 3 Vallées, the ski resorts can't offer the facilities of a Chamonix or Kitzbühel but what they can supply is a stunning, authentic, and new experience on the snow. Norway is staggeringly beautiful & unspoilt and has sustainable event products that lead the world. Skiing in Norway is a special experience, a world away from the mainstream resorts of the Alps and North America.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- In many ways, Norway represents the future of the event industry with its quality & sustainability, and we are developing multiple event experiences in Norway.

- Our event programmes are developed for a wide range of companies, from multinationals to SME’s. We can share some outstanding client testimonials.

- We are fanatical about Norway and the quality event programmes there – this is an incredible country offering unique meeting and ski incentive programmes.

What we offer?

- Nothing is left to chance - we conduct research and site inspections for each of our Norway events. The only surprises we expect to see are positive ones.

- We take the client brief, and work toward their objectives, adding our destination experiences where these will improve the end-product.

- Our Norway activities are both city / resort and mountain based including snow sports, air sports, boat tours and cultural programmes.


It is possible to ski in the Oslo region, in the southern part of Norway, right up into arctic in the far north of Norway. Glacier skiing takes place on the huge ice sheets whilst skiing down to the water in the fjords is an incredible experience. There are resorts that hosted Olympic competition right through to community ski areas.


Lillehammer hosted the Olympics in 1994 and the legacy lives on with a thriving ski resort just 1h 40m north of Oslo airport. Voss ski resort is the extreme sports capital of Norway and is located to the east of Bergen whilst the Lyngen Alps in the arctic north offer some of the most sought-after backcountry skiing in Europe.

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