The top table in the Alps – luxury on the roof of Europe. Swiss corporate ski events access the highest skiing in the Alps, some of the most refined luxury, and some truly enviable dining experiences.


As backdrops go, the Matterhorn or the Eiger are incredible visual canvases for a corporate ski event. These mighty formations create a whole new narrative, taking clients far from their day-to-day routines. Beneath them is truly fantastic skiing – the Swiss are (almost) as ski-obsessed as the Austrians.

Ski areas are amongst the highest in the Alps, feature wonderful mountain huts and offer immaculate services. Swiss culture is rich and their cuisine superb. In a nation built amongst such natural splendour, many Swiss resorts are actively developing sustainable products, based on strict national economic, social & environmental frameworks.

Switzerland has more than 75% of its power from renewable sources and Zermatt has been car free for more than half a century, yet there are bold visions for a fully sustainable future.

The host of countless multinational and NGO HQ’s, Switzerland is a hub for enterprise and their meeting infrastructure is world-class. Events such as the Davos World Forum have a global reach, and the facilities and practices to host such high-level events are available in Davos and beyond.

Similarly, less formal events reach new heights in Switzerland – none more so than the White Turf horse racing extravaganza on the ice of St Moritz – a sporting and hospitality pinnacle. The Swiss understand the concept of Alpine luxury and deliver it with aplomb. If a Swiss supplier does something, it’s usually done properly – there are no short-cuts in Switzerland.

This approach permeates all aspects of the event environment, including the transport and regulatory system.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- We are focused on the sustainable trends in the Swiss mountains, seeking accredited sustainable suppliers across Switzerland.

- We plan events for multinationals right through to SME’s. We’ve developed fantastic working relationships with great client feedback.

- We are passionate about delivering remarkable events for our clients across the Swiss Alps.

What we offer?

- We continually update our Swiss event products with site inspections and supplier meetings, to ensure the event is extraordinary. 

- The client brief is central to our event development, whilst we liaise with the client to include elements, we feel can enhance the event, all based on past experiences.

- Our Swiss activities take place in resorts and on the mountains and include fine dining, scenic flights, bobsled, spa and more.


There are Swiss resorts that are ideal for corporate ski events from the eastern to western borders of Switzerland. Resorts like Davos in the east offer a huge range of accommodation, facilities, and entertainment, along with superb conference facilities.

St Moritz offers one of the most exclusive stays in the Alps, with fabulous, historic hotels, wonderful dining, serious shopping and a series of marque events. The skiing in St Moritz is also outstanding – big and high, it is some of the best in eastern Switzerland. Forward-thinking Laax offers a mix of urban hip, sustainability as well as fantastic skiing across a sunny plateau.

Zermatt, further west, has one of the most iconic mountains in the world towering over the resort. Topping out at over 3800m, Zermatt skiing is truly spectacular as are the dining terraces overlooking the Matterhorn and rail links to the ski slopes.

On many levels Zermatt is a unique experience, the après ski in resort centre is also fairly formidable. Further west still is Verbier, another cloud-piercing ski area with glacier skiing, an extensive ski area, some epic tough skiing and pumping après ski in the heart of the fantastic village. Short transfers from Sion airport make it a great option for short trips.


St Moritz corporate ski events.

St Moritz corporate ski events.



Laax corporate ski events.

Laax corporate ski events.



Zermatt corporate ski events.

Zermatt corporate ski events.


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