5.5m of snow at the Galzig, St Anton

Locals are talking about the 'once in 7 year storm' that just swept the north and west of Austria.

It wasn't unprecedented but you maybe be waiting another 7 years to see something similar again according to locals who watch these cycles. And from bare rock at the end of November, the Galzig mid-station in St Anton am Arlberg has a whopping 5 and half metres of snow - enough to bury mountain huts in many other ski regions and sufficient to totally cut off the Arlberg resorts over the last weekend. Conditions are set to be far fairer in the coming days with sun and the chance of lighter snow showers. With what has come down in the last week there won't be a snow cannon active until next December and for those who are heading to the Arlberg in the coming days there should be some absolutely epic conditions - once they have dug out the ski lift entrances of course!

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