Bregenz Festival - so good even 007 dropped in

Even for an event of such cultural appeal and longevity, the arrival of 007 in the Quantum of Solace in 2008 brought this stunning event to a far wider audience.

From its humble beginnings in 1946 when a couple of barges were lashed together on Lake Constance and acts performed on the magical waters the western borders of Austria, the Bregenz Festival has for years been an iconic setting for some of the leading acts in opera, orchestra, music and arts.

Located on the shores of the Lake Constance, audiences on the land are treated to a dramatic stage of performers floating nearby on the waters of the lake. The sight of the floating stage and the elaborate props is truly remarkable whilst the setting sun behind the stage offers a magnificent curtain raiser to the night time performances. The location on the shores of Lake Constance also puts the Bregenz Festival well within reach of Zurich and the many corporate headquarters there. The Bregenz Festival offers some seriously impressive corporate hospitality options. For those exiting the big city of Zurich from the airport or following a meeting in Zurich, the dreamy peaks and villages of the Bregenzerwald region offer a wonderful alternative to both Zurich and Bregenz. The Bregenzerwald delivers great skiing in the winter whilst in the summer the incredible architecture and famous local gastronomy are 2 extremely good reasons to visit this immaculate and pristine region whilst dropping down the valley for some serious culture on the waters of Lake Constance. The Bregenz Festival runs from mid-July to mid-August.

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