Corporate ski trips off the beaten track - Japan

Japan might seem like an unpalatable distance for many European and North American clients looking for a corporate ski event and yet for those doing business in the world's 3rd biggest economy it can make a lot of sense to combine business and a seminar packed ski incentive trip.

It is fair to say that all multinationals have operations in Japan and Japan has some of the very best snow on the planet. This combination offers a superb option to impress staff and clients amongst jaw dropping snow and sensational culture. The main island of Honshū has superb connections between the business centres of Tokyo and Osaka and the main ski fields that include the Olympic ski holiday resort of Nagano. Heading further north to the island of Hokkaido there are numerous ski areas that dot the volcano strewn landscape. The northerly latitude ensures some mighty cold temperatures as winds sweep down from the Siberian plains. Luckily for the ski fields of Hokkaido, these frigid winds pass over the Sea of Okhotsk, collecting moisture and depositing vast depths of snow on the landmass of Hokkaido and the resorts that include Niseko, Furano and Rusutsu. The depths of snow that usually starts in earnest at the beginning of November really are something extraordinary - on the western coast of Hokkaido the snow fall regularly exceeds 10m in a winter season. There are backcountry guiding specialists as well as inbounds guides to show clients the very best of the powder snow potential. For those looking for a Zermatt experience then the Japanese ski product offers a very different option with distinctly Japanese culture both on and off the snow. A Japanese corporate ski event offers a wonderfully different experience, stunning amounts of snow and the chance to host Japanese or non-Japanese clients in high quality, culturally rich destinations that they may not have been exposed to previously. And don't forget the sushi and karaoke!

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