Futuristic meeting & event venues to drop jaws

In a world of relentless technological leaps, we are conditioned to look forward in anticipation of the inevitable, disruptive products and services that continually emerge. Future-focused is the only way for most enterprises. So, when a team comes together for a meeting, incentive event, product launch – whatever the goal – it pays to ensure that the backdrop is visionary. We look at 3 event venues that stop clients in their tracks – jaw dropping designs that reflect on those temporarily filling these spaces.

There will always be a place for historic venues, they take us back to times we never experienced, and their persistence represents solidity, enduring survival based on quality and fortitude. Yet modernity gives us a looking glass into the future and futuristic event venues bestow their visionary stance on those occupying them. How better to project a forward-embracing ethos than to have the event backdrop radiating a vision of tomorrow.

Bergisel - tearing up years of sporting legacy

One venue that boldly chose the future over the past was the Olympic ski jump in Innsbruck, Austria – Bergisel. Dating from the 1920’s the iconic wooden structure was redeveloped to host 2 winter Olympics in the 60’s and 70’s. Yet years of sporting history were uprooted when Zaha Hadid created the remarkable and current Bergisel ski jump in 2003. Nearly 20 years on, the structure still dominates the Innsbruck skyline with its mesmerising curves and precipitous inclines. Spaces can be rented for private meetings with terraces offering truly inspiring views over the city and wonderful internal venues with windows chocked full of sky and granite. As a throwback to its primary purpose, ski jumpers can be hired to perform for the client – hurtling down the in-ramp and leaping into the void. Even spectating takes nerves of steel!

Van Nelle Factory – standing the test of time

For a building that is 90 years old, to still remain futuristic, is truly remarkable. But then the Van Nelle Factory, in Rotterdam, Netherlands is just that - a UNESCO listed structure that continues to confound, all these years after its completion. Architecturally constructivist, the Van Nelle offers internal venue space with an industrial interior which is bathed in the natural light that floods through the glass skin of the building. There is a case for the Van Nelle having a foot in both the modern and historic camps, but the building is so stylish and uniquely spectacular that you can't help but be ushered into the future despite its age. Now occupied by architect and design practices, the Van Nelle is also home to co-working spaces and young, energetic firms. Event space can be rented with views over the local docks and the Rotterdam skyline on the horizon. The Van Nelle Factory is a space that inspires and just makes you feel good about the world.

Hangar-7 – fizzy drinks fund a design icon

On the fringe of Salzburg airport can be found one of the great, modern event spaces in the region – Hangar-7, owned by the deep-pocketed Dietrich Mateschitz, (Mr. Red Bull) who has created this design museum, meeting venue, and restaurant. The floor of Hangar-7 is strewn with iconic moments from motor and air sports, including the capsule that took Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space and back by parachute. There is a Michelin restaurant within the venue and numerous spaces that can accommodate group events. The modern glass and steel structure is striking, whilst the exhibits catalogue a history of sport and exploration that is truly captivating.

It’s good to look back but it pays to look forward.

Plane in glass roofed exhibition venue hangar 7.
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