Get into ski touring on a corporate ski trip |

Some sports carry a definite barrier to entry. You could think of kite surfing, sky diving or telemark skiing. Add to that list ski touring. But there are ways to enter the incredible sport of ski touring, even during a short duration corporate ski trip.

The chance to escape the crowds and sample incredible, virgin snow in real solitude is appealing on many levels. But time, equipment and technique are a few of reasons why many don’t get the chance to try ski touring. But the ski schools are starting to realise that there is a growing demand to escape on touring skis and are offering ways into this sport.

Starting on (and close to) the gentle groomed slopes of Val Thorens, qualified instructors take groups as small as 2 people on the Génépi piste, climbing up the mountain to the Chalet du Caribou at an altitude of 2690m, and stopping for breakfast. Setting out at 07:00, the participants will experience real solitude on the slopes of Val Thorens – a chance to see the world’s biggest ski area in a whole new light.

There are other ski touring routes offered, ranging from 2-6km in length, all offering the chance to learn the ski touring technique on deserted, groomed slopes. Following breakfast, the descent on uncrowded slopes makes for a great start to the day. 

And for the energetic (and those who skipped après ski the previous day) members of a corporate ski trip could feasibly join their colleagues on the snow with little disruption to the schedule, all the while learning how to access the wonderful backcountry on touring skis.

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