LAAX freestyle academy - seriously cool team building

There is something pretty special about LAAX in Switzerland. They have blended minimalistic luxury, slope-side living and a very cool progressive agenda.

This cool is really evident in the LAAX freestyle academy where trainers are on hand to take clients from the trampoline to the kickers in just a couple of hours. A little ability helps but for those whose skis only ever leave the snow on a chairlift there is a fast track available to experience the big air thrill of the terrain parks from the safety of an indoor venue with pro guides and a vast pit of foam blocks.

Go Big

There are a number of ways to get airborne - skis, snowboards and skate boards and groups can take the short (and exhilarating program) to fly in front of colleagues off one of the kickers. The programs are intended to develop skills to take onto the mountains and streets. But groups can make the training program into a memorable team building event where people genuinely push their boundaries. Some might even take the evening sessions to the parks the next day!

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