Made in Europe – the continent with it all.

Event planners are continually looking for fresh event ideas to present to clients – programmes to wow, in undiscovered, distant lands. We fly further, for longer in search in something that is different and memorable, yet overflying endless incredible options that our continent offers.

The stunning nature of Australasia, the urban wonders of Japan or Korea, the incredible diversity of North America – the world beyond Europe is indeed wonderful. Yet, on our doorstep, Europe has as much physical, and cultural diversity as can be found in any other region in the world. From the dancing arctic skies of northern Norway to the emerald waters lapping the historic walls of southern Italy. The western forests of the French Atlantic coast to the crossroads of Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus. In between, countless memorable and remarkable unique natural and humanmade experiences to host events. 

London to the heel of Italy

Standing in central and northern Europe in November, it is easy to think that the summer is several months away. But less than 3-hrs out of London, Bari offers the gateway to Puglia – the heel of Italy, where life feels a whole lot different. Provincial towns and cities in Puglia offer so much for corporate meeting and incentive events. Gallipoli has magical beaches to the south of the wonderful and authentic Old Town and harbour. On the opposite coast, Monopoli offers an Old Town from the top drawer, breath-taking facades amongst a labyrinth of streets, all bordered by beaches and waves. 

Emerald swimming waters

The shorter days are still bathed in sunshine, and the emerald waters still attract swimmers. The golden sands are sparsely populated, and the sense of escapism is overwhelming – cheating seasons whilst still in the Eurozone. As well as plunging into the crystal waters in late Autumn, boat tours explore the rugged east coast of Puglia. These boat tours are like nothing else – watercraft defy all logic and enter caves on the churning ocean, entering stunning underground worlds with literally millimetres to spare – it really is logic-defying navigation.

Old Towns of Puglia

The weather is one undisputed tonic to the November blues, but beyond the blue skies and emerald Adriatic waters, Puglia offers an absolute feast of history and culture. Beaches give way to historic fortifications with the best Italian eye-candy, lapped by photoshopped waters. Italy can take the breath like few other locations in the world. Time-poor visitors can get an absolute overload of Puglia in the Old Town of Monopoli, 45-mins south of Bari and an indescribably attractive urban delight. 

Caught and cooked

Puglia is a province where seafood has a short journey to the kitchen. Fishing boats glide into the central quayside of Gallipoli, to be greeted by locals bearing Euros and departing with bags hanging from Vespa handlebars – it really could be a filmset. The food of Puglia is unquestionably exceptional, it is a part of Europe where lunches still dominate the day, where staff proudly carry the gastronomic delights and where wine is as essential to the table as cutlery. Dine on the waterfront as fishermen tenderise their catches of octopus – fresh doesn’t come close to describing it.

Unspoilt Italy

Everyone can call on their personal Italian highlights, this lucky nation delivers from north to south. But the appeal of Puglia is that it has all the trappings of the Italy as seen in the films and brochures – the monuments, vistas and dolce vita, yet it is unspoilt and for many months of the year, uncrowded. It is Italy in all its pomp, without the crowds or prices. Outside of the absolute peak summer months, corporate clients get to enjoy this paradise in relative calm, escaping to uncrowded beaches on an incentive or dining amongst architectural treasures after wrapping up a day of meetings. One of the most visited countries in the world, Italy still has many secrets in its locker. 

Fishermen selling fish in Gallipoli, Italy.
Fiat car in front of red house in Gallipoli, Italy.
Sunset between old buildings in Gallipoli, Italy.
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