New lifts for Kitzbühel

Pass Thurn, the southern-most section of the mighty Kitzbuhel ski region will be seeing a welcome addition this winter with the upgrade of the Zweitausender 2-seater chair to a high speed 8 seater chair for the coming winter season.

Pass Thurn offers north facing slopes at the very southern margin of the Kitzbuhel ski region and is a must-visit area of the huge Kitzbuhel ski region, with great off-piste, some the highest skiing in the area and also fewer crowds. The 8-seater chair is set to reduce queues for this area but may well increase the numbers on the slopes - slow 2 chairs may not be much fun when sat on them but higher capacity to move people means greater numbers on the off-ramp and inevitably on the piste. Locals treat the Pass Thurn ski region as their off-piste secret spot with the run to and from the area from the Hahnenkamm section of the Kitzbuhel area offering some really great terrain to cover. The Pass Thurn ski area was in fact open in October just a couple of seasons ago and whilst it wasn't knee deep by any means, skiing in October in the Kitzbuhel ski area was a real novelty.

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