Snow arriving for the corporates

As the traditional corporate ski trip season kicks off any time now, the snow clouds are gathering across the eastern Alps and promise to make sure the SPF30 is redundant for the next 5 days.

It does however mean that the fat skis should be needed. Kitzbuhel is very much in the firing line in Austria as are the Arlberg resorts and those on the northern side of the mighty Alps. Austria is forecast to see the best of the conditions with little forecast for resorts such as Zermatt who had such a good start to the season. Snow should persist over the weekend, with a break mid-week and then cold and snowy conditions returning soon after. If you are heading to northern Austria in the coming week or so then now is the time to get very excited - the crowds have long gone and all that is forecast to remain are snow laden clouds. No fun of course if you are part of the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm race organising committee - they will be entering the sleepless time of the year and dread the site of snow systems on the radar. Schade!

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