Spain - where the mountains meet the beach

For us at Jagged Horizons, the setting is all important to our product. Most of our clients are city-based and we aren't in the business of offering home-from-home experiences.

So, as we continue to develop our summer product we are looking for good weather, great food and sensational backdrops. Northern Italy ticks all these boxes as the alpine waters give way to towering rock faces.

As it is with selected areas of Spain, where mountains fall away to the waters of the Mediterranean or Atlantic, offering 2 of the most seductive natural settings in the world. Our recent event in Mallorca combined time spent in the rugged interior of the island with dinner and activities on the crystal waters of the coast. Whilst pockets of towering hotels and fast food still exist, Mallorca is becoming more authentic and high quality with each passing season. The food was out of this world, the service quality excellent and the experience was truly Spanish. We are soon to launch southern and northern Spain event destinations offering sensational gastronomy, superb activities and remarkable settings.

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