Val Thorens Zip wire – over 100 km/h through the skies of Les 3 Vallées

A flight not to be missed, the Val Thorens Zip line (or Tyrolienne) takes guests soaring through the frigid air of Les 3 Vallées at over 100 km/h. Dangling some 250m above the valley, skiers resemble ants and perspectives of the local peaks is unique.

The route to reach the zip line is special in itself, requiring a ski through the remote snowfields of Orelle – the 4th Valley of the 3 Vallées??? At 3230m you are strapped into a harness on a narrow ridge and launched toward the Val Thorens ski sector. No turning back, the wheeled harness accelerates to over 100 km/h on the 1.3km cable. And no time to panic, the speeds and drops are displaced by the remarkable vistas. 

Cameras are allowed but ensure they are tethered, otherwise, they are going to buried or atomised on the distant rocks. Be sure to have someone on the landing site with a camera, shots of an inbound human missile can make for awesome profile pictures!

Some dates require advanced booking and the weather can disrupt the launch schedule, but this is an epic activity that can be easily integrated into corporate ski event programme around a day of skiing or snowboarding.

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