The cultural & economic powerhouse of southern Germany, Munich is a globally significant conference destination.

The Germanic world is a global leader across a multitude of industries – from manufacturing, finance and technology, to life sciences. Think Swiss clocks, German cars and Austrian intergovernmental organisations and you get a sense of security in this part of Europe. The regions of Bavaria, eastern Switzerland and Austria are home to some of the world’s great brands. These hugely successful regions are underpinned by world-leading infrastructure and just happen to border some of the most exquisite nature in Europe. The cities of Munich, Vienna and Zurich represent 3 of the great conference destinations in the world. Superb transport connections, state-of-the-art conference infrastructure and exhilarating & mindboggling beauty on their doorsteps - a heady mix for any conference organiser.

Jagged Horizons offers professional conference organising services across this region, in locations that are light-years from many run-of-the-mill conference outposts which churn out tired familiarity. Whilst Munich, Vienna and Zurich are known to many conference organisers, the region boasts an incredible range of alternative options in the vicinity of these global brands. Salzburg, home of Red Bull and Mozart offers remarkable conference infrastructure, as well as one of the most enviable cities in Europe. Innsbruck is a city to leave delegates speechless, with its Old Town, precipitous city mountains and stunning architecture. Head a little further south and experience a conference in Bozen, Verona or Lake Garda – nowhere offers the style and lifestyle trappings of northern Italy.


Choose Jagged Horizons

- We organise conferences in the leading locations in and around the Alps, but crucially lesser-known conference destinations as well.

- We plan a wide range of conference programmes, tailored for large corporations & SME’s.

- Our background is in conference organisation - we have an office in Innsbruck, in the heart of this spectacular region.

What we offer

- We organise conferences in the leading locations in the Alps, as well as some of the hidden gems that fall below the radar of many conference organisers.

- We offer sustainable conference solutions, including transport, dining, activities & accommodation.

- Our conferences include the option for activity and gastronomy programmes - dining on the finest regional tables & enjoying the thrills of the destination.


The Alps are bordered by 3 destinations of global stature – Munich, Vienna and Zurich. All 3 cities offer world-beating conference venues and infrastructure, whilst the ground and air connections are amongst the best in the world. Jagged Horizons offer superb conference programmes in and around these cities.

As well as offering conference management services in these locations, we also offer truly inspiring conference programmes in cities, town and villages close to these regional powerhouses. Conferences with great connections to the wider world, but in wonderfully different destinations, and in some cases, undiscovered gems.


Conference programmes in Innsbruck.



Conferences in Kitzbühel


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