Belgium fries or German sausages washed down with world-beating beers, before dancing off the calories. Beer festivals are a special meeting or incentive event activity.


Just as wine, whiskey, ouzo, and sake have their cultural and productive epicentres, so does beer. Celebrated the world-over, nowhere does beer like Europe. Celebrations of beer can be found at beer festivals across the continent, and they make a great backdrop to a meeting or incentive event.

The carnival atmosphere is not necessarily about excess, it is about regional pride and a celebration of the good things in life. As a prevailing atmosphere, this shameless homage to beer creates a fantastic setting for a meeting or incentive event – you only live once!


Belgium and Bavaria are the leading beer producing regions globally. Steeped in history and with a culture and diet intertwined with beer, beer festivals in these regions are the ultimate pilgrimage for many.

Oktoberfest is the world’s leading beer festival and over 2 weeks each September Munich is wild with celebration. VIP areas, and corporate tables can be booked to offer the occasion a degree of refinement. Hugely calorific, the accompanying cuisine is paired perfectly for the beer. Calories are readily banished when the bands play and the dancing starts.

With around 1500 types of beer produced in Belgium, UNESCO recognises Belgium beer as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Beer weekend takes place annually in Brussels and across the country.

The magical city of Bruges hosts a beer festival each September. Canals, ancient breweries and Belgium fries are the staples on offer – oh and Belgium chocolate of course. Outside of these beer brewing heavyweights, there are numerous regional beer festivals to enjoy and incorporate into a meeting or incentive event.


Munich is the big one, attracting huge crowds throughout September. Book private tables and incorporate Oktoberfest into a meeting or incentive event in the leisure and industrial powerhouse of southern Bavaria.


Quirky, Cambridge-like canals and ancient breweries, Bruges is an absolute delight and hosts an annual beer festival each September. To be fair, any day of the year in Bruges feels like a celebration of its brewing heritage.



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