So, DJ’s are the preserve of beaches and fields? Not any longer. Dramatic snowy mountains offer stunning backdrops and reverberating granite faces make for immense DJ set locations. These DJ music festivals feature top performers, can run for several days and are ideally suited to drop into a corporate ski event program.

A new and cooler slant on après ski, DJ sets provide the contemporary soundtrack where once there was Euro-pop remixed singalongs. The crowds, in the venues and the resort are buzzing with excitement as these carnivals of music pump out track after track.


DJ music festivals are superb corporate ski event backdrops. They are ideal for skiers and non-skiers and are usually at their best in the afternoon sun. Locations ensure that they can be accessed by foot passengers and there are plenty of food and drink options available. Even for those in the group lacking a passion for dance music, it is tough not to get caught up in the celebrations and atmosphere as the stages and screens light up the mountainside with lasers and decibels.

VIP tickets are available to make these DJ music events all the more impactful. The tickets allow access to the best vantage points and the most impressive services. Whilst the masses dance and slide around on the snow, the VIP guests mingle on terraces and sink into deck chairs and bean bags. These DJ festivals are ideal for corporate ski groups as a visual, sound and team bonding extravaganza.


High on the snow above Sölden, the Giggijoch lift terminal hosts thousands of revellers for a multi-day event, featuring the best DJ’s from across Europe. The April dates for the Electric Mountain Festival provide some of the best snow conditions of the winter on the high-altitude, glacier skiing area of Sölden.


One of the most recognisable and dramatic mountain formations in the world, the Aiguille du Midi, located at over 3800m, hosts DJ sets on its needle of rock. As well as this stunning location, the Chamonix Unlimited Festival hosts DJ sets on other peaks as well as around the town.


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