Stand up paddling (SUP) has undergone something of an explosion of popularity in the last 10 years. With its roots in Hawaii, dating back some 3000 years, stand up paddling is the new must-try sport, offering easy access to the sport on both the ocean and inland rivers and lakes.

Within 30 minutes, most participants are standing and powering their way across the water. More advanced techniques are also introduced such as board and body 360’s, thereby introducing clients to the water – they really do fall like dominoes.


Stand up paddling is possible on the ocean, inland lakes, rivers or docks. Certified guides will lead groups through some basic training on land, before taking to the water, at first on knees, and then progressing to standing position. Commonly, clients begin at the same level of inexperience and enjoy rapid progress. It is sometimes possible to combine stand up paddling with other water sports.

Large group sizes are possible with instructor / paddler ratios of around 1:6. Life vests are commonly worn but clients are required to be able to swim and be confident on water. Wetsuits are worn in colder water and adverse weather can cancel stand up paddling events. Many SUP boards have deck webbing to secure water proof items.


Take to the emerald waters off Mallorca with gradual beach launches into the offshore waters. The gently sloping coves are the ideal way to learn the techniques of stand up paddling and the water is often warm enough to forego a wetsuit.

Lakes are another great location to enjoy stand up paddling and Lake Garda, offers many locations for group stand up paddling sessions. The northern end of the lake offers intimate, mountainous terrain, whereas the southern end is more like an ocean.

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