Extraordinary event venues to meet or socialise in. Cutting-edge or fairy tale historic, the event venue needs to be as inspiring as the ocean, mountain or city vistas of the destination.

Clients staying in wonderful hotels, in stunningly scenic locations, will need special places to meet, socialise or exhibit in. Functional & drab just won't do it.

Fortunately, Europe has a staggering range of venues to choose from, enough to suit any event specification.


We offer a range of remarkable venues for meetings and group occasions, everything from cutting-edge contemporary to ancient fairy tale.

Escape to a trapper’s hut in the high arctic, peer through glass walls over glaciated peaks or meet underneath historic frescos.



The mountains offer 2 distinct styles of winter corporate meeting and entertainment venue. Traditional huts, both in the mountains and valleys, deliver atmosphere in bucket-loads.

The wooden beams and stone fire places exude charm and cosiness, whilst large terraces welcome guests with open fire baskets and staggering views. Despite their age, many of these huts offer great facilities and some have easy access.

Contemporary designs are sweeping across the Alps with daring architecture featuring steel and glass walls, to access the stunning scenery from the interior of these buildings.

Minimalist and uncluttered interior design helps accentuate the focus on the sublime and dramatic surroundings. These contemporary mountain venues generally offer excellent, modern facilities and technology.

Contemporary venues

Glass, steel and concrete, combined, can create stunning venues with incredible visual access to the scenery.


Castle on a mountain.

Historic venues

Historic huts and castles offer charming and atmospheric settings for corporate winter ski trips.


Ice bar in an igloo.


Igloos offer great social meeting spaces in the mountains with bars and DJ sets placed amongst the ice sculptures.




Summer is synonymous with water and there are many venues which perch on the water's edge, offering cool breezes, oceanic aromas and spellbinding backdrops.

Not many people are lucky enough to live or work on the water's edge so taking clients there is a rewarding experience of detachment from their everyday.

Roof top venues provide another magical experience in the summer. Open-air, roof-top terraces offer views across water, mountains, or city sky-lines.

The fresh breezes and connection with orange skies at sunset are truly special. Sometimes these roof-top terraces are accompanied by pools for an even more impactful setting.

Waterfront Venues

Taking clients to waterfront venues is the ideal way to detach them from their everyday routines.


rooftop venues

Rooftop venues provide fresh air and stunning vistas over city sky-lines, water or towering mountains.


Plane in a glass roofed exhibition hangar 7.

Contemporary venues

Contemporary venues provide remarkable surroundings with uncluttered interiors and modern facilities.


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