Above us only sky. Escape the confines of everyday work to meet & socialise in stunning rooftop event venues. Elevated minds are liberated minds – rooftop venues deliver truly memorable moments.

Open-air, unbroken views and detached from the bustle of the street, rooftop venues can be remarkable places for corporate events.

These private spaces, cut-off visually and physically from the outside world create an atmosphere of exclusivity. Bars serve and DJ’s play, as the sky drifts from day to night.

With seemingly eternal views, rooftop venues immerse clients in the setting, whether on the coast, in the mountains, or downtown.

The venues elevate clients to lofty heights and strip away the artificial ceiling that is so common in their everyday lives.


One of the best locations in which to mingle, a rooftop venue offers walls to gaze over, loungers to lounge in and bars to bring it all together. With music drifting across the terrace, the setting of a rooftop venue can be extraordinary.

Some venues feature rooftop pools, others an array of furniture and coves to socialise in, whilst all offer a unique view over the destination.

The open air is a much-underused asset in many event locations and for those areas with the climate and infrastructure, these rooftop venues can create magical occasions.

See the sun go down and watch the skyline come alive with illumination.


With rooftop pools and terraces across the centre of Málaga, it is hard to choose whether to gaze inland to the mountains or south to the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.


Bordeaux has countless, incredible rooftop venues to meet or socialise in, all with a backdrop composed of the staggering city skyline.


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