Beautiful on so many levels, Bregenzerwald is a place to steal hearts. Ludicrous charm & natural beauty distilled into a small valley in northwest Austria. Meeting & incentive events in Bregenzerwald are slow & spectacular.


With beauty around almost every corner in the Alps, it’s hard to truly stand-out. The intimate charm of the valley, the unmatched alpine architecture, the unique natural light, and the superb regional gastronomy – on multiple levels, the Bregenzerwald region is an incomparable destination. 

There is no Eiger, Matterhorn or Mont Blanc on the horizon, yet the towering peaks of the Bregenzerwald draw you in, just as they do in more recognisable valleys. It must be the intimate charm of the place – it is utterly adorable.

A series of villages that run from east to west in the far northwest of Austria, the region is unfailingly picture-postcard. The intimacy of the valleys and the award-winning architecture are nearly peerless in terms of charm. Utterly unspoilt, Bregenzerwald is one of the few undiscovered gems in the Alps.

Bregenzerwald is dominated by the mountains and most of the activities take place there. The food is devine, the scenery fairy tale and lifestyle enviable. Staggeringly beautiful, Bregenzerwald meeting & incentive events steel hearts.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 1700 (Au)
  • June ave. temp. 14°C
  • September ave. temp. 11°C

Airport transfers

  • Friedrichshafen | 53 miles
  • Innsbruck | 90 miles
  • Zürich | 98 miles


  • Gastronomy
  • Art 
  • Architecture
  • Music


  • e-biking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Paragliding
  • Sailing
  • Canyoning


Bregenzerwald has a range of villages to host meeting & incentive events. a common theme is the natural beauty as well as the architectural style – this is a region that is at the cutting-edge of alpine design and architecture. 

At the eastern end of the valley is the village of Warth, a neighbour of Lech am Arlberg and with most activity in the mountains. At the western end of the Bregenzerwald region is the village of Egg, a place of luxury eco-retreats and access to Lake Constance.

The villages of Au and Schoppernau are located somewhere more central in the Bregenzerwald. These are magical villages with stunning architecture and wonderful nature, with a pristine river splitting the valley.

Just outside the Bregenzerwald is the magical mountain resort of Lech am Arlberg which is well connected by road, whilst to the west of Egg, the city of Bregenz is located on the waters of Lake Constance.


Yachts sailing on Lake Garda


Sailing on the magic waters of Lake Constance.

Person jumping down a waterfall during a canyoning event.


Slide, abseil or leap the raging Bregenzerwald waters.


Explore the trails & forests of Bregenzerwald on an e-bike.


Dining in Bregenzerwald is both Austrian and regional. Classic Austria dishes are widely served, with some excellent restaurants offering contemporary twists on the famed dishes.

The Bregenzerwald is celebrated for its cheeses and locals insist that many regional dishes can only be crafted using cheese from the valley. Local dishes are both calorific and irresistible in equal measure.

Dining forms the cornerstone of most meeting & incentive events and whilst the tastes are paramount, the locations can be as equally memorable. Bregenzerwald villages host a range of excellent small & medium sized restaurants.

The mountains are an additional option for dining venues with group dining events possible in some truly stunning mountain locations.


In keeping with the serene nature of the area, Bregenzerwald is a tranquil location, and the nightlife is very much geared to fine dining and wines on terraces or inside stylish venues.

Group parties can be arranged, especially in the mountain huts where live music and local culture can create a wonderful atmosphere.

Outside of the Bregenzerwald, the city of Bregenz offers lively bars and clubs to host group events. Bregenz can be reached from the western villages in the Bregenzerwald.

In the opposite direction, heading east from Bregenzerwald, Reutte in the Austrian Tirol is a bigger location and similarly offers more nightlife variety.


For corporate event planners looking to arrange a real escape, Bregenzerwald offers the possibility to host meeting & incentive events in remarkably pretty villages, surrounded by staggering mountainous scenery. The Bregenzerwald is a truly mind-freeing setting.

A growing theme for meeting & incentive events in Bregenzerwald is the connection to the nature, with venues looking out onto staggering scenery and fantastically designed, furniture made from natural materials.

Lech am Arlberg is an alternative location for the meeting & incentive events in Bregenzerwald. Events can incorporate stays and activities in the Bregenzerwald but take advantage of the (2024) opened Lech am Arlberg congress centre – an absolute marvel of design.

Bregenz offers further options with lake side venues contrasting with the mountains of the host villages in the Bregenzerwald region.


Understated architectural marvels dot the Bregenzerwald region. This is a highly protected natural region, yet that hasn’t stopped small-scale development. 


Buildings in the region are historic or cutting-edge design, using local materials to create an open-air design museum.

  • Modern house in Bregenerwald, Austria

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