Inland seaport offering the good life, amongst striking architecture.


A city removed from the coast, with berthing cruise liners, waterfront bars and a fascinating mix of daring contemporary architecture and industrial heritage. Event attendees in Antwerp can enjoy the staggering choice of eating & drinking venues and if intemperance isn’t enough, there is always the diamond dealing centre to indulge in.

The 2nd city of Belgium is in many ways the first, with its pre-eminent status in diamonds, shipping and city population bigger than that of Brussels. Belgium is famed for its beer, fries and chocolates and its residents are unashamed in their enjoyment of these staples. Venues, entertainment, activities and ease of access make Antwerp a superb corporate event destination.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 520,000
  • June ave. temp. 15°C
  • September ave. temp. 15°C

Airport transfers

  • Antwerp | 4 miles
  • Brussels | 28 miles
  • Amsterdam | 106 miles


  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Fashion houses
  • Diamond cutting


  • Sailing
  • Cycling
  • Wake boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Beach sports


Antwerp is a remarkably diverse city, with old cobbled streets giving way to striking, contemporary architecture. The ancient squares reside just a short distance from the lapping waters of the working port with its freight and cruise ships. Two features which reign throughout this changing cityscape are the restaurant and bars. Spilling onto the streets, these venues are full of life, with singing crowds of locals and newspaper-reading loners. Dining and drinking are such ordinary pursuits in Antwerp. Some of the best experiences are to be found off the beaten track, with summer bars offering wonderful settings and a glimpse into the quirky psyche of Belgium.

The historic areas of Antwerp are a great visual spectacle with intimate squares and cobbled side streets. Shops, bars and restaurants dominate and whilst crowded at peak times, Antwerp doesn’t feel like it has sold it soul to tourism. In fact, the city remains resolutely functional and progressive -wind farms whirl high over the city skyline where other cities would have been snared by regulations. The old port authority building which required expansion was preserved beneath a remarkable diamond-inspired building which hovers over the heritage site below. The mesmerising structure speaks volume for the creativity and daring of Antwerp.


People using bicycle escalator in Antwerp, Belgium.

cycle tour

Antwerp is a cycle-focussed city with a tunnel beneath the waters of the harbour.

Boat on water in Antwerp harbour.

harbour cruise

Take a crusie around the port of Antwerp to view the workings & architecture of the port.

Beach sports

Take to the sands of the northern coast of Belgium for beach sports.


Diet prior to arrival! There can be few destinations where culinary temptation and ubiquity conspire so successfully. Spring to Autumn, the streets of Antwerp are a celebration of pavement drinking and dining, with terraces every few steps. Winter months see activities move inside, yet this is truly a city of food and drink. Antwerp unashamedly offers its staples of fries, beer and chocolate across the city, it is such a normal thing to enjoy.

Clients on group events can take advantage of the extensive range of quality dining on offer in Antwerp. Michelin-starred restaurants are numerous, with many offering authentic Belgium cuisine. Mussels, and of course the associated fries are a staple of the Belgium kitchen and can be enjoyed in numerous, well-priced, quality restaurants.


Summer bars are one of the absolute joys of Antwerp. Many of these venues are located close to the port of Antwerp and its waters. Wonderfully characterful, industrial spaces have been converted into quirky venues serving fabulous Belgium beer and cuisine. Heavily frequented in the summer months, these experimental venues display a daring, innovative side to Antwerp and are a great place to mix with locals.

Right across central Antwerp and the Old Town, the streets are packed with terraces offering drinking and dining. Singing locals mix with joyous visitors, over jugs of wonderful beer as the sun drops over Antwerp. And for late night action, Antwerp offers one of the most vibrant and progressive club scenes in northern Europe. Boasting an electronic dance music pedigree going back decades, there are numerous places to dance until dawn.


Room with a ZOO – Antwerp being Antwerp, would have to offer a variation on a theme. The Antwerp convention centre (Room with a ZOO) offers professional meeting space which places sustainability as a key objective. Accessed directly from the main station, breakout sessions are taken in the public zoo, whilst revenues are ploughed back into breeding and conservation programmes.

There are numerous business hotels in Antwerp offering conventional, professional meeting and seminar facilities. There are also business centres offering smaller groups meeting spaces. Venues can be found in historic buildings in the centre of Antwerp, high-rise building offering views over the city or waterfront location overlooking the port.


Discover Antwerp on 2 wheels. The central area is compact and navigable on foot, but the port area is far more extensive and is a must-visit area.


The historic St Anna’s tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel which links the north and south shores of the port and welcomes cyclists. Take your bike beneath the waters of Antwerp harbour.

  • People using bicycle escalator in Antwerp, Belgium.

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