The spire-filled skyline is jaw-dropping & the beer world-beating.


Famed for its architectural wonders and nocturnal hospitality, Prague is a city of expansive squares, intimate streets and riverside experiences. Superb on the eye, Prague is a joy to explore with its trams dissecting the compact city centre. Food and beverages and distinctly Bohemian whilst transport connections to Europe are extensive.

The enduring popularity of Prague is testament to the joyous streets, squares and bars. With a recent pivot away from nightlife to more cultured, group and business trips, Prague is being rediscovered for its wonderful culture, charming city and entertaining activities. Add in a glass of world-renowned beer and Prague is a superb option for city events.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 1.3m
  • June ave. temp. 16°C
  • September ave. temp. 14°C

Airport transfers

  • Prague Airport | 12 miles


  • Castle tours
  • Walking tour
  • Museums
  • Food tour
  • Opera House


  • Rafting
  • e-scooter tour
  • River cruises
  • Sky diving (land based)
  • Ice sports


One of the true joys of Prague is wandering the historic streets and squares. The city is a never-ending postcard of architectural marvels and cultural riches. The centre is deceptively compact and easy to navigate by foot. There are bridges crossing the water and although these can get overloaded at peak times, they offer a great way to explore the city, whilst offering endless Instagram moments. From the bridges, the historic castles are visible and offer great visitor and event venues. As well as the historic spires, Prague boasts wonderful contemporary art installations and a Soviet-era TV tower – much maligned by traditionalists but returning to vogue as historians come to appreciate its place in Czech history. Amongst the seemingly never-ending urban beauty are equally ubiquitous bars and restaurants, offering everything from contemporary urban culture experiences, to historic Bohemian moments.

The waterside walkways offer another great way to explore the city, as they meander with the flow of the river. These walkways provide stunning vistas over the city and places to stop and take in the skyline. River cruises are another feature of Prague and offer the chance for groups to socialise, dine and explore the city from the water. Modern fleets of boats offer clients a flexible range of routes and entertainment & catering, with famous backdrops to complement the experience. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has the full range of entertainment and facilities. Being a global brand, Prague has excellent flight and train connections throughout Europe and beyond.


e-scooter tour

Cruise the city streets and squares on e-scooters or e-bikes.

River cruises

Take to the water in Prague, for uninterupted views of the city.


Raft wild waters outside of Prague or under the bridges of the city.


Prague is a delight to experience in terms of food and drink. The centre of Prague is populated by restaurants and hostelries. Czech food shares much of its identity with the regional dishes of Austria and southern Germany - pork is a staple of the region, whilst soups and noodles are popular dishes. Prague is an international magnet, and this is reflected in the food options in the city - should Czech cuisine not tick all the boxes, there are endless international options.

As well as the established restaurants, Prague groups can experience unique dining experiences by bringing in outside catering to one of the many event venues throughout the city, including atmospheric cellars and grand castles. The domed cellars of the city centre are wonderful places to enjoy authentic Prague cuisine, naturally washed down with some award-winning brews.


Famed for its nightlife, Prague has long been a magnet for those looking to sample nocturnal Bohemian culture. Award-winning beer and the continued availability and lure of Absinthe have helped forge this association with Prague. And whilst the beer halls continue to provide happiness to the masses, there is an effort to popularise the more authentic bars of Prague – of which there are many. Street-side, rooftop or cellar bars are numerous, offering genuine Prague experiences. Cellar bars are a great feature of historic Prague with ancient domed ceilings contrasting with contemporary furniture, to provide fantastically atmospheric spaces.

Fascinating venues can be found throughout the city with public bars and restaurants offering ready-to-go experiences or private event venues which can be customised for events. One of the great ways to combine nightlife and exploration of Prague is on water, with a river boat cruise. Packages can be customised to suit the requirements of the group and can include entertainment, drinks packages and dining, all from the wonderful aspect of the water. As well as its famous nightlife, Prague is a culinary delight with numerous excellent restaurants offering a wide range of dining experiences.


Conscious of its over-popularity, Prague has embarked on a strategy to redefine its visitor profile toward the corporate market, with incentive travel and meetings & seminars now a major focus for the city. There are new standalone conference and exhibition halls opening in Prague, to complement the existing facilities, whilst multiple hotels have incorporated extensive, professional meeting & seminar facilities on-site. Restaurants are generally heading upmarket, with a strong regional gastronomic identity. The compact nature of Prague centre and its numerous, large hotels make the city a regional centre for meetings & conferences.

Easy to get to from the airport, and with much of Europe (and beyond) connected by direct flights, Prague offers seamless access from numerous economic hubs. And whilst the infrastructure and the transport system make Prague an impressive event choice, its entertainment and activities really add to the attractiveness of the city as a corporate event destination. In the city, or within easy reach of central Prague, there are numerous event activities, both cultural and sporting in nature. Fascinating venues are another feature of Prague, with a wide range on offer from ornate to quirky.


Grab a travel pass and set out on a mystery tour of Prague - around every corner there is a quirky surprise. Jump on and off the city trams and discover the riches of central Prague by foot.


Punctuate the tour with regular stops for food and drink, from street vendors or the very welcoming bars and restaurants.

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