Stunning waterfront, Nordic city that boasts unrivalled urban design, seriously content people and quality throughout.


Nothing prepares you for the feel-good of being in Copenhagen, Denmark – the place just oozes wellbeing, whether it be the happy people snacking in the cafes or the conversing cyclists on the harbourside routes. It is hard to imagine a more perfect European city, with its stunning architecture, open spaces and unmatched quality of life. Having conquered the world, Carlsberg beer is something of a cash-cow for Copenhagen, funding many impressive cultural sites.

The country that gave the world Bang & Olufsen offers incredible design in every facet of the city – their latest carpark is underwater. The measure of the city is well illustrated in the public vote to create an artificial ski slope on the exterior of the towering city incinerator. On many levels, Copenhagen is truly remarkable and near impossible not to fall in love with.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 600 000
  • June ave. temp. 15°C
  • September ave. temp. 14°C


  • Copenhagen airport | 7 Miles
  • Malmö airport | 39 miles


  • Dining
  • Museums
  • Theatre
  • Carlsberg tour


  • Water sports
  • Beach sports
  • Snow skiing
  • Segway & bike tours


Copenhagen is the harbourside capital of Denmark, boasting superb transport connections and services, a wealth of cultural and entertainment options and a spectacular setting where the city meets beaches, the harbour and parks. Indices regularly put the Danish amongst the most content people in the world and a spell in Copenhagen will amply explain this. There can be few better capitals in Europe to reward staff and clients on a summer incentive event – the place really has it all. The city is a masterclass in design, with stunning architecture and interior design. Its urban transport system is a joy to use and the city is alive with Copenhageners lunching in stylish cafes, shopping or taking a plunge in one of the harbour swimming pools.

The setting of the city is truly special with the sectors of the city spreading across the Copenhagen harbour and occupying islands, interspersed with canals and waterways. The natural location, with a harbour, seaboard and inland lakes & parks make it a wonderfully natural city. There are really distinct sectors throughout Copenhagen, with business and shopping areas bordering newly gentrified areas of an industrial past, as well as a hippy commune in Freetown Christiania where alternative lifestyles and industries flourish within the city.

rooftop skiing

Copenhageners voted for and got it – a ski slope built on the top of their towering city incinerator.

segway tour

Take a bike or Segway tour through though the streets, parks, palace grounds and waterfront of Copenhagen.

Outdoor harbour swimming pool in Copenhagen.

harbour swimming

Whilst not equatorial, the waters of Copenhagen offer fantastic swimming pens around the city to sample the Baltic sea.


Dining is an integral part of any summer incentive event and Copenhagen is a gourmand’s paradise, with Scandinavian dishes being complemented by international influences, producing a fusion Nordic cuisine. There is a real pride in Danish cuisine and authentic smørrebrød (rye bread) lunches are available throughout the city, whilst fish is a staple of Copenhagen restaurants. Being Copenhagen, there are many restaurants offering superb interior design to complement the dining experience.

The 2-star Michelin ‘Noma’ is renowned globally for its experimental cuisine, with the lucky few (spaces are limited) discovering incredible tastes from tables overlooking the Copenhagen harbour. The ‘Standard’ is a waterfront restaurant offering Nordic and Indian cuisine on the water of the harbour. The Vesterbro is an industrial area that has been transformed into a dining hotspot, with ubercool settings in meat processing plants and butchers, serving an eclectic gastronomic mix.


Offering possibly the best range of nightlife in Scandinavia, the centre of Copenhagen is thronged in the evenings, with bars and restaurants lining the waterfront walkways. Copenhagen is no exception when it comes to freedom of movement, but it is so common to mix with and meet Danish people on a night out. There are sectors of Copenhagen that are recognised for their range of nightlife, but most neighbourhoods offer authentic Danish bars.

The capital of Denmark is alive in the summer months with outdoor terraces across the city. Copenhagen harbour has small, self-driven boats, complete with tables to enjoy a drink at sunset from the water. Live music bars are numerous as are specialist gin and cocktail bars.


With numerous multinational giants headquartered in Copenhagen, including Maersk and Carlsberg, the city offers superb meeting, seminar and general business facilities. Access to and around the city is outstanding, whilst the setting is so stimulating and rewarding. Activities in the city are excellent, whilst taking to the water or the beach offer fantastic options for breakouts. Copenhagen is a blend of historic and modern, fused across the city by some of the world’s most innovative and acclaimed architects.

Meeting & seminar venues range from intimate studios to the full-service conference centres. Copenhagen is famed for its Carlsberg beer brand and meeting & seminars can be hosted in the rustic brewery or ornate meeting rooms that sprawl across the central Carlsberg brewery site. Innovative approaches to interior design and technology ensure that any meeting & seminar event in Copenhagen can be a truly memorable occasion.


Water is all around in Copenhagen with wonderful beaches to the south east of the city and a harbour at the heart of the city.


Popular amongst the locals are summer dips in the harbour, in the floating pens which offer invigorating plunges in the sea water.

  • Cloudy sky over dark sea and sand.

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