World-renowned tastes in a sustainable, urban masterpiece – Bordeaux is utterly pulsating & culturally magnificent, offering a meeting or incentive event destination that’s a feast for the senses.


Bordeaux is a remarkable city, bathed in sunshine and positioned between the most famous vineyards in the world and some of the most stunning coastline in Europe. It is a city teeming with history and yet also offers remarkable contemporary urban design – cathedrals & futuristic wine museums connected by trams on car-free streets.

The pre-eminent wine brand in the world, in the top 5 sustainable destinations globally, and with the Bacalan district undergoing a seriously impressive rejuvenation, Bordeaux is a truly stand-out destination for meeting & incentive events. This is a city with vision, built on some of the world’s best pleasures.

Wine in Bordeaux is enjoyed like nowhere else. ‘Winefulness’ is taken to heart in the city, whilst the Bordeaux Wine Festival is a magnificent celebration of this local treasure. Wine and chocolate pairing in Bordeaux could be the ultimate human indulgence – but to the locals it’s just a logical path in exploring life’s true pleasures.

But Bordeaux is so much more than wine. The city is a masterpiece of blending the old and new, the streets heave with those enjoying the culinary & cultural trappings of Bordeaux. And in a re-purposed submarine base, the world’s biggest visual arts display can be enjoyed – a unique, jaw-dropping art installation and event venue that must be experienced at least once in life.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 250,000
  • June ave. temp. 19°C
  • September ave. temp. 19°C

Airport transfers

  • Bordeaux airport | 7 miles


  • Wine tours
  • Wine museum
  • Opera
  • Food tours
  • History tours
  • Modern art


  • Sailing
  • Surfing
  • City tours
  • River cruise
  • Cycle tours
  • Golf
  • Kayaking


Bordeaux is a city of 250,000 people, located in the southwest of France. The city is a world-famous brand for the wine it has produced over the centuries. Wine riches have helped build a spectacular European city on the banks of the River Garonne. The city is alive with life both in the centre, the riverside and the revitalised, pulsating Bacalan district.

The central area of Bordeaux is dominated by wonderful facades, none more so than the 18th century Opera House. Once blighted by the common issue of city centre traffic, the fantastic tram system has swept cars from the central streets and connected the key locations with a hugely popular transit system. Where there were cars, there are now restaurant terraces, cyclists, and pedestrians - Bordeaux grabbed the nettle!

Lovers of architecture will be enthralled with Bordeaux. The 14th century UNESCO Gothic cathedral, right through to the contemporary Cité du Vin and the Matmut sports stadium – Bordeaux is an absolute architectural marvel.

The city of Bordeaux is dominated by the River Garonne and the promenade is a magical place from which to explore the city. The riverside walkway hosts the Bordeaux Wine Festival and the Miroir d'eau, a public space with a shallow body of water that reflects the sky and city in its waters. The quayside also hosts boats that are ideal for cruises or event venues.

Located northeast from the city centre of Bordeaux, is the industrial area of Bacalan. Here the old port is undergoing a huge redevelopment with waterside bars & hotels, as well as the Cité du Vin wine museum and the astonishing Bassins des lumières, the world’s largest visual arts display, hosted in the cavernous chambers of a WW2 U-boat factory. Event planners looking for a highlight moment – this is it.

Bordeaux is known globally for its wine and to the west is the Mecca of French wine, with countless vineyards and the wonderful village of Saint-Émilion. This is true wine country and is a must for any meeting or incentive event.



Learn to surf on some of the most incredible beaches in Europe.

Wine tour

Tour the world's greatest wine region - Bordeaux.

Staircase inside of Bordeaux opera house


From historic opera houses to stunning modern art installations.


'Winefulness' is a concept that should be an easy sell for any event planner. For the doubters, how about wine and chocolate pairing? Bordeaux is very much about the good life. 

The city is a historic wonder with the centre crammed with 18th century marvels and a guided tour can offer fantastic insights into Bordeaux. River cruises offer the chance to see the city from a whole new perspective.

Another culturally rich event activity would be cooking classes or food tours. Both can be arranged in the city, whilst the Cité du Vin, located on the riverfront, north of the centre, deep-dives into the world of wine. 

The city and region around Bordeaux is generally flat and is a dream to explore on 2-wheels. There are waterfront and city cycle paths, whilst the vineyards have bikes with bottle-carrying mounts – 21st century solutions!

To the west of Bordeaux lies some of the most spectacular coastline and beaches in Europe. As well as surfing lessons there are other water sports including water skiing on the nearby Lacanau lake.

To the southwest of Bordeaux is Arcachon Bay, a sheltered harbour that offers great conditions to sail, stand up paddle and kayak. 



Ranked number 5 in the Global Destination Sustainability index (GDS), Bordeaux is at the forefront of international sustainability. The GDS is acknowledged as one of the most reputable barometers of sustainable behaviour and there is serious competition to reach the top of the charts. The sustainability capital of France, Bordeaux offers event planners a superb event programme, compliant with ESG & CSR frameworks. 

Transport is a pivotal and very visible initiative that Bordeaux has invested in. Famously congested with traffic, human lungs, building facades, and journey times bore the brunt of past urban gridlock. Today the tram rules the streets of central Bordeaux, shared with cyclists and pedestrians – cars banished to the outer districts.

Cultural regeneration is another initiative that has underpinned the sustainability credentials of Bordeaux. The docklands of Bacalan are being transformed into an urban Eden with leisure, entertainment and business occupying land that was formerly a working port. The redevelopment of the ‘Base sous marine’ submarine factory should be a global blueprint for sustainable regeneration - it is that spectacular.

Local supply chains bring wines and seafood from the city limits to central Bordeaux, whilst culturally Bordeaux Wine Festival, is the epitome of promoting local culture & enterprise. Bordeaux can be reached by train from London in a time broadly similar to flying, with a Bordeaux wine and without the airport trauma.


Arcachon Bay to the southwest of Bordeaux has shaped the regional menu of Bordeaux for many years. Oysters from Arcachon are considered some of the best around and are a mainstay on many Bordeaux menus. The wines are naturally selected to complement the fine seafood.

In terms of venues, Bordeaux offers a huge range of restaurants, both classic French and modern. Pavement and terrace dining is popular throughout the centre of Bordeaux, especially in the historic centre where there are restaurants on every corner, bustling with guests and creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Rooftop dining is one of the joys in Bordeaux - this is a city of low-rise structures and the rooftop restaurants offer views far to the horizon. Dining on the waterfront of Bacalan is another highlight, with numerous, contemporary venues available for group events.

Escaping the heat and bustle of the city, groups can alternatively enjoy dinner at a vineyard. With a backdrop of French châteaux and fields of vines, event dining at a Bordeaux vineyard has that film-set feeling. The food and wine experience can be truly exquisite across the region east of Bordeaux.


Bordeaux is wonderful, pulsating city, never more so than after dark. The central streets are thronged with people out for dinner and drinks. Bordeaux centre has a huge range of bars, in the squares and side-streets with venues often spilling onto the pavements.

For waterside drinking, the most-happening district is Bacalan, the revamped industrial area just north of Bordeaux centre. There are countless bars around the former industrial harbour, in many ways like the waterfront of Antwerp.

Bordeaux Wine Festival is a time when the waterfront of Bordeaux is taken over by deckchairs, concert stages and mini-vineyards – huts pouring some of the most delectable wines imaginable. Rechargeable wine passes facilitate this carnival of unmitigated pleasure.

For event delegates looking to embellish their CV’s, Bordeaux Wine Festival has ‘l école du vin’ where students can earn about the product in a group setting. Huge fun even without a degree certificate at the end of it.


As a location for business meetings, Bordeaux offers extremely short transfers of just 7 miles from airport to city centre. The city has superb infrastructure and is easy to navigate on tram or by foot.

There is a wonderful mix of meeting event venues from the historic, dripping with art and lighting, right through to the contemporary and post-industrial. There are ultra-modern spaces in the Bacalan district, historic spaces in the National Opera House, or dreamlike, rural venues amongst the vines of Bordeaux wine country.

Wine is the glue for many social occasions and in that respect Bordeaux has very strong credentials. Post-meeting social events featuring fine wines present the perfect backdrop to a meeting or incentive event.

As well as the wine and dining, activities to complement a meeting event are superb with cultural and action activities possible in both the city, the vineyards to the east and the Atlantic coast to the west.


Astonishing and a triumph of redevelopment, le Bassin des Lumières is the world’s biggest visual art display, taking place in the water-filled hangers of a WW2 U-boat factory. Talk about redemption. This contemporary art venue must be seen to be believed – it is utterly spectacular.

  • View over the water of a Bordeaux visual arts exhibition

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