One of the big 3 lakes in Italy, Lake Maggiore is a lake & mountain idyl north of Milan. Lake Maggiore meeting & incentive events are all about wine, views, dining & venues.


Lake Maggiore, the 2nd biggest lake in Italy largely flies under the radar - Como garners more paparazzi snaps and Garda is propelled by the huge visitor numbers and event options. Yet this allows Lake Maggiore to retain a wonderful Swiss / Italian charm, just a short transfer from Milan Malpensa airport.

Together the 3 grand lakes of northern Italy offer the full spectrum of event opportunities, with Lake Maggiore providing the most tranquil experience, surrounded by wonderful aquatic and mountain nature. The waterfront of Lake Maggiore shares the grand hotels, villas, and promenades of the other Italian lakes.

The northern section of the lake is in the Swiss canton of Ticino and the cultural mix is a real highlight. It is possible to combine event activities in Switzerland with a base in Italy. Mountain and lake-based activities are abundant on Lake Maggiore and event dining locations and menus are truly special in this corner of northern Italy.

Not far from Lake Como, both culturally and geographically, meeting & incentive events on Lake Maggiore offer a great alternative to the more famous of the siblings. Weather, food, activities, and scenery are similar, and it is even possible to transfer the hour or so to combine activities or venues on Lake Como.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 5 000 (Stresa)
  • June ave. temp. 21°C
  • September ave. temp. 18 °C

Airport transfers

  • Milan | 18 miles (Arona)
  • Turin | 80 miles (Arona)


  • Historic sites
  • Wine tours
  • Museums
  • Villa tours
  • Island tours
  • Swiss excursions


  • Canyoning
  • Water sports
  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Mountain biking


The western shore of the southern section of Lake Maggiore is home to the principal meeting & incentive event destinations on the lake. With national parks on either side of the lake, magical islands just off the coast and the fascinating Swiss canton of Ticino at the northern end of the lake, this is a special region to host an event.

Stresa is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore and is one of the principal destinations in the region. It has grand hotels, a wonderful promenade with glorious views across the water and offers great access to the stunning Borromean islands.

The Borromean islands are sparsely inhabited and offer wonderful event and dining venues with seriously impressive views of the water and Alps. Baveno is another resort, just north of Stresa from where the Borromean islands can be viewed and accessed. Baveno offers lakeside event options amongst its historic centre.

Verbania is further option on the western shoreline of the Lake Maggiore. Located further north, the town offer has a fantastic, scenic promenade, with great views to the south and fantastic gardens.


Person abseiling down a waterfall in Lake Garda


Descend the raging rivers around Lake Maggiore.

The Borromean islands on an Italian lake

Island tours

Explore the stunning villas and gardens of the Borromean islands.

Wine tour

Discover the wonderful wines of the Lake Maggiore region.


Lake Maggiore straddles the Italian regional borders of Lombardy and Piedmont, and the food is regionally tied to these northern Italian regions. This part of Italy is famed for its Risotto, with fish and saffron varieties particularly special around Lake Maggiore.

The lake is a source of fresh fish and perch can be found on menus throughout the area. Filled pasta, local cheeses, and of course pizza are all widely available. As with many locations in this part of northern Italy, expect to see Polenta added to many dishes.

Group dining options include event venues on the waterfront, on islands, and in the mountains surrounding the lake. Restaurant terraces with views over the lake and towering peaks are special, as are event venues dripping in history and Italian style – venues to match the cuisine.

No Italian dining experience is complete without wine and the region around Lake Maggiore produces some wonderful wines. Paired with the local menu, these can be truly special group dining and gala event dinner experiences. 


Lake Maggiore is the most relaxed of the 3 big Italian lakes. Como has its waterfront villa parties and Garda its beach clubs, Lake Maggiore by contrast is gentile with waterfront venues serving wines amidst the serene beauty of the area. Waterfront terraces are the order of the day, providing stunning backdrops.

Stresa and Verbania offer some of the liveliest nightlife on Lake Maggiore with historic venues or lakeside terraces offering a wonderful backdrop for the event. Privatised venues on the Borromean islands are another option to host a group event on Lake Maggiore – the setting and exclusivity are something to behold.


A variation on waterfront location, private cruises on the lake can offer the chance to host exclusive event parties in magical settings. Cruises can also head as far as the Swiss section of Lake Maggiore in the north where the bustling resorts of Ticino can be enjoyed, complete with a casino to make (but most likely lose) a fortune.

For events hosted on Lake Maggiore, there are the options for a night out in Milan or else Lake Como. Milan offers a pulsating city experience with some incredible venue options, whilst Como provides the chance to host a private party in a lakeside villa.


The main destinations on the west bank of Lake Maggiore all offer meeting and seminar spaces within the bigger hotels. Very often these are close to the water and offer wonderful breakout sessions over gardens or the lake. 

Private villas around Lake Maggiore offer a unique backdrop for meetings & seminar events. Boats can also be chartered for smaller groups to meet in inspiring settings.

For larger meetings and conference events, there is the chance to meet in the Stresa congress centre. Beyond Lake Maggiore there are fantastic meeting venues in Lake Como, including private villas and congress centres.

Milan is one of the main conference centres in northern Italy and offers a huge range of super stylish venues. Milan also offers excellent flight and rail connections to other regions.


Few islands can boast such a dramatic and contrasting setting as the Borromean islands, just off the coast of Stresa.


The islands can be visited and privatised events can be arranged on these wonderful outcrops.

  • Islands on Lake Maggiore

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