Stunning Old Town, lapped by emerald Adriatic waters.


Located to the south of Bari, on the east coast of Puglia, Monopoli is absolutely brimming with history, gastronomy and Italian style. The Old Town of Monopoli is remarkable, even by Italian standards – compact, bordered by the turquoise Adriatic and teeming with historic, intimate streets hosting irresistible retail and culinary offerings.

Around 45 minutes south of Bari airport, with fine dining in exquisite locations and fantastic activities on the water and inland locations, Monopoli is a stand-out destination for corporate meetings and incentive events. The weather is sublime, and the region is blissfully unspoilt by mass tourism.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 50 000
  • June ave. temp. 22°C
  • September ave. temp. 22°C

Airport transfers

  • Bari | 37 miles 


  • Museums
  • Historic Old Town
  • Geology of the coastline
  • Wine tours


  • Water sports
  • Wind surfing
  • Kite surfing
  • Cycle tours
  • Boat cave tours
  • Diving 


One of the principal destinations to the south of Bari, Monopoli offers the usual public squares of Italy but additionally a magical Old Town which opens out onto the seafront – both beaches and harbour. Wander the art-filled streets of the Old Town, marvel at the incomprehensible harmony between the dwellings & entertainment venues and finally reach the Adriatic views, the turquoise waters, sand and shimmering horizon. In a country which offers visual marvels like few others, Monopoli Old Town is something really special. Enjoy a coffee with locals, duck the drying washing or feast on truly memorable cuisine.

Just to the north of Monopoli are the rock faces of Polignano a Mare, famed for their boat cave tours, the unique dining venues and the Red Bull cliff diving spectacles. Heading north are more gentle cliffs, marinas and numerous sea inlets where the locals park their (in need of body repairs) Fiat 500’s and plunge into the photoshopped waters of the Adriatic. Inland from Monopoli the flat agricultural plains of Puglia give way to hills and a whole different climate, architecture, and experience. Equally historic, this inland region is a wonderful contrast to the coast.


Boat tour of Italian coastal caves.

Cave tours

Explore the sub-terranean world of the Monopoli coast.

Deck of a catamaran with people sunbathing.

Boat trips

Take a boat tour along the Adriatic coast.

Food & wine tour

Dine on wonderful, fresh seafood in and around Monopoli.


Even by Italian standards, the seafood dishes of Monopoli are sublime. The Puglia peninsula has extensive coastline, and the numerous harbours are busy processing local catches. Fresh is one thing, the other being the long tradition of putting seafood at the heart of the Monopoli menu, sometimes it is grilled with a squeeze of lemon, other times in a sauce or broth – however it is prepared, the dining is extraordinary – pure pleasure without any hype.

Cliff-face dining at Polignano a Mare is one of the iconic regional highlights. Cut into the rocky coast, these caves are exposed to the Adriatic to the east and a subterranean world of rock, water, and shafts of light to the other. Hugely popular, this cave dining experience hogs the limelight (possibly unfairly) in the area. Suffice it to say, there are equally good menus and locations in the area. Away from the waterfront, the Old Town of Monopoli is a labyrinth of streets with other-worldly aromas and super-stylish terraces filling the streets.


During the peak months the Old Town of Monopoli is teeming with visitors, with both the streets and the venues & terraces brimming with predominantly Italian guests. The atmosphere in these intimate streets is wonderfully Italian – the beautiful life of Puglia is unmistakable. Outside of the peak summer months, the pressures in the Old Town ease, the Monopoli locals become more visible and there are more openings on the compact terraces and in the intimate venues.

Escaping the intimacy of the Old Town for the waterfront bars and dining is just steps away. In the peak summer months, these magical beach and harbour settings are like honeypots. Outside of the Old Town, the town beaches and harbour, there is an entire coast to explore with bars offering magical views and escapism. Considered the ‘Florence of the South’ Lecce is the principal city of the region, occupying an inland location and can offer a fantastic night out amongst the historic baroque squares.


Few event planners know of Monopoli, it is part of the wild southern heel of Italy, without the brand of Rome, Verona, Florence and other Italian staples. For that reason, it remains largely undiluted in its Italian flavour, it has super short transfers from Bari and offers excellent value & a wonderfully authentic Italian escape. Meetings overlooking the Adriatic are always going to be impressive and Monopoli offers a range of venues where minds are freed by shimmering, aquatic horizons.

Meeting venues need not just be coastal, one of the absolute gems of Puglia is Lecce, the principal city of the region, an absolute smorgasbord of Baroque splendour and with a wide range of professional and intimate meeting venues to choose from. To accompany the superb locations and venues, the activities and dining that inevitably accompany a meeting event are truly special in both Monopoli, Lecce and the other regional destinations.


The boat tours of Polignano a Mare are truly extraordinary. Far from a tour of the coast, these tours are an exploration of the subterranean world beneath the hotels and promenades of the town in the sea caves which dot the coast.


Boats are steadied on the churning waters, waiting for the chance to lunge through incomprehensibly tight openings in the rocks and enter these water-filled caves. It is hard to decide whether the seamanship or the geology is the more spectacular.

  • Bows of boat approaching a cave entrance at sea.

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