Capital city fringed by water and alive with creativity & aspiration, Riga is an absolute beauty which delivers unique & fantastic meeting & incentive events.


A city thriving amidst a cultural renaissance and economic rebound, Riga is wonderfully historic and yet technologically cutting-edge. Reborn after independence, Latvians are proud, quirky and fun-loving, whilst Latvia offers a fascinating mix of a charming city and stunning Baltic coastline.

Great value, a special welcome and something a little but off the radar for many event planners, Riga delivers impressive meeting & incentive events.

Split by the River Daugava and bordering the Baltic Ocean, Riga is bound by waters. Numerous wooden buildings give the capital a unique identity. Riga is a lively city with a great range of drinking and dining possibilities, whilst the Old Town in the district of Vecrīga offers all the trappings - shops, bars, restaurants, photo opportunities.

The compact city and diverse landscape, with forests, city and coast make Riga a fantastic event destination logistically. Add the proud, engaging and occasionally quirky people and Riga is a whole lot of fun.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 640,000
  • June ave. temp. 16°C
  • September ave. temp. 12°C

Airport transfers

  • Riga Airport | 6 miles


  • Museums
  • Modern art
  • National Opera House


  • Land based skydiving
  • Water sports
  • Beach sports
  • Classic car rallies
  • Rafting tours
  • Summer & winter bobsled
  • Hiking


Riga is low-rise, historic and surrounded by nature. The capital city of Latvia boasts a delightful Old Town with intimate squares and cobbled streets. Famed for its wooden buildings, central Riga is a wonderful experience in both summer and winter. Culture, government, retail and entertainment are all concentrated in the compact, Latvian capital.

Outside of the centre of Riga, there is a much more contemporary and dynamic city, with a thriving gastronomic, entertainment and cultural scene. With a population of just over 600 000, Riga is compact, easy to navigate and has an international airport on the western side of the city.

Nature surrounds Riga, with the River Daugava slicing through the city from south to north and lakes to the east and west of the city. To the north of Riga, the Baltic coast is home to some wonderful beaches and a selection of coastal towns. Jūrmala is a coastal city that stretches along a bay to the west of Riga and boasts a 33km long sandy beach, fringed by thousands of wooden homes.

Beachfront restaurants and bars are hugely popular in Jūrmala, whilst beach sports and activities are possible in this area. Away from the coast, forests, waterfalls and walking platforms are abundant as are authentic Latvian villages.


classic car tour

Take a classic car on a rally tour of Riga and surroundings.

Land diving

Skydive without a plane above an enourmous jet of vertical wind.

Raft bbq

Crusie the rivers on a raft complete with bar & grill.


Latvian food is much influenced by its geography. Latvia’s coastal and rural interior deliver fish and meat to many of the national dishes, whilst neighbouring countries and its Soviet past have heavily influenced dishes in Riga and the wider country.

Today, Riga offers a range of contemporary dining experiences in quality restaurants with innovative menus and stylish interiors.

The Old Town of Riga has a number of traditional restaurants serving soups, meats and rye breads amongst the church spires and cobbled streets of the capital. On the coast, there are a number of impressive group dining venues offering fish dishes with views over the Baltic Sea.


Riga has a vibrant, welcoming and youthful nightlife scene. There are endless pubs and bars located in the heart of Riga, including traditional pubs and contemporary bars.

There are micro-breweries and late-night dance clubs and some really innovative venues where art and entertainment co-exist.

The long, dark nights of the eastern Baltic Sea winter have fostered a distilling and brewing industry to feed their thirsty population.

Today though, Latvia is far more than strong dark spirits and vodka, with wine, cocktails and micro-brewed beers as common as anything from the Soviet era.


Riga is a superb meeting & seminar destination, with an international airport located some 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre, a fascinating and easy to transit city and a range of professional meeting venues to accommodate a variety of meeting sizes.

Riga has its own congress centre offering venue space to more than 1000 people and the full range of professional conference support services. There are also professional venues in the heart of the Old Town, as well as in the National Library of Latvia.

There are a number of centrally located hotels which also offer professional meeting and seminar space, including the Radisson Blu which offers a large, dedicated conference suite and spa complex as well as great access to the city centre.

Aligned to the professional meeting and seminar venues, Riga offers a range of great drinking, dining and activity options to complement the formal meeting sessions. Riga is compact with a population of a little more than 600K, is easy to navigate and fascinating to explore.


This forward-looking nation can't help looking back on the Soviet times with a degree of interest and derision. Tours or Soviet era bunkers offer fascinating glimpses into times of antiquated hostility.


Interrogation interceptions are a hilarious moment of staged drama, where actors intercept clients and hold them responsible for all the world’s ills.

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