City grandeur meets golden sands in this global centre.


Home to many of the world’s great institutions, city names don’t come more recognisable than The Hague. The grand buildings that accommodate the power bases of the western world hide a city of wonderful squares, canal-side terraces and quaint shops. A short distance north and the majesty of the Hague architecture gives way to the golden sands of Scheveningen, beach bars and its famous pier.

Easy to get to and with a comprehensive meeting infrastructure, The Hague is an ideal location for an event. Activities can take place in the city or on the coast and there are a range of quality venues and dining spaces to entertain in. Just south of the Hague is the pulsating, ultra-modern city of Rotterdam which offers a huge range of complimentary venues, activities and accommodation.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 520 000
  • June ave. temp. 15°C
  • September ave. temp. 14°C

Rail transfers

  • London (Eurostar) | 3 h 50 mins
  • Schippol Airport | 30 mins


  • Art
  • Museums
  • Public law courts
  • Fine dining


  • RIB rides
  • Beach sports
  • Bungy jumping
  • Zip line
  • Cycling
  • Surfing


The old part of The Hague city is made up of grand, ornate and imposing historic buildings, set on water or large grounds to project their status. Beyond that there are the statement residences of the connected and successful. The central area is compact and exudes charm. There is a more modern area of The Hague as well, where multinationals are located in high-rise offices. Trams ply the streets and the canals make for wonderful backdrops to the terrace-lined streets. The Hague is well-connected to the beaches just north of the city and to Rotterdam, the busy, modern port to the south.

To the north of The Hague lies Scheveningen, with its beach, pier and coastal hotels. Just a short tram ride from the centre of The Hague, Scheveningen offers a wonderful contrast to the historic and stately central area of The Hague. There is a large pier with shops and entertainment, including a zip wire and bungy jump. Along the coastal promenade there are remnants of WW2 gunning placements, whilst heading west, the marina offers sailing, RIB tours and waterfront bars. There are some excellent restaurants in this area as well.


RIB boat at sea in the Netherlands.

RIB ride

Thunder across the waves of the North Sea on a RIB tour.

Painting on wall in Hague art gallery.

art & culture

Explore the Dutch masters in the galleries of The Hague.

zip & bungy

Zip line or Bungy over the waters of the North Sea.


In The Hague, there are a number of fine restaurants, including Michelin-starred kitchens, offering fantastic dining experiences in superb settings. For more informal dining, the streets are full of restaurant terraces offering a mix of local and international cuisine during the summer months. As well as dedicated restaurants, there are a number of historic venues that hire out rooms where outside caterers can deliver sensational dining experiences, tailored to the client’s needs.

As a contrast to the formal, grand locations of The Hague, Scheveningen beach offers a range of dining options from hotel restaurants to beachfront venues. At sundown, these restaurants offer wonderful views over the water, beneath red skies. The nearby marina is another great option for dining with some excellent restaurants, including a stylish Asian fusion restaurant which can host groups of several hundred people, indoors and on its terraces.


The Hague is more fine wine, than raucous late nights bars. There are some wonderful canal-side terraces on the backstreets and a number of unassuming bars where locals catch the evening sun with a local beer or wine. For a change of scene, the beach bars at Scheveningen offer a great atmosphere and fantastic setting. The Dutch really appreciate their summers, and feet in sand, lounging in hammocks and bean bags, these places are a wonderful way to watch the sun go down.

South of The Hague and connected by a short and regular train service, Rotterdam offers a completely different experience to The Hague. The modern city is alive with harbourside bars and pavement terraces. There are dance basements, wine bars and outdoor terraces adorned with local art. Guests can drink on the deck of a moored cruise ship, drink cocktails from rooftop bars or explore the side streets to discover the locals of Rotterdam.


The Hague is one of a handful of globally significant, legal and political centres. The UN, War Crimes courts,, the Red Cross and numerous NGO’s are all located in this compact city near the coast of the Netherlands. This global reach is reflected in the meeting and exhibition space that is offered in and around The Hague. The World Forum is a dedicated meeting and conference centre, whilst there are endless venues across the The Hague, offering venues for small to large group meeting spaces and auditoriums. Some of these venues are located in world-renowned buildings with ornate furnishings and rich histories.

For venues with a view, Scheveningen has a number of meeting spaces just north of The Hague where break-out sessions are filled with wonderful North Sea air. Rotterdam, just south of the Hague provides some wonderful meeting and event venues, including a UNESCO tobacco factory which offers space to meet and exhibit within its stunning glass exterior. There are high-rise meeting rooms on the edge of the harbour as well as some more historic locations on the harbour and in the centre of Rotterdam.


The Hague is bursting with history and grandeur, befitting a city of global significance.




But away from the serious work that goes on in The Hague, the beach area of Scheveningen offers a wonderful place for action and relaxation, with entertainment along its beach front.

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