Culture & adventure in the arctic circle – Bodø is the gateway to the Lofoten islands, set amongst magnificent coastal nature. Wooden hotels, raging whirlpools, floating saunas & a rocking music scene – Bodø is a gem for meeting & incentive events.


In our connected world, it’s a challenge to find the extraordinary. Bodø though is just that – a town where the pristine, frigid nature of the arctic borders the thriving, cultural and adrenalin action at the town limits. It is authentic, unspoilt, mesmerising on the eye and an adventure in every sense of the word.

Event activities range from gazing the northern lights, plunging into the icy, crystal-clear waters of the harbour or flipping around in a rib boat, atop of churning, giant whirlpools in the world’s most powerful tidal flow. Sea eagles soar overhead whilst via ferreta routes cling impossibly to the coast. And Bodø is going through huge changes with sustainable event hotels and cultural venues springing up through the town.

Soon to be catapulted onto a bigger stage as the 2024 European City of Culture, Bodø is superb for meeting & seminars as well as incentive events. The meeting & incentive event infrastructure is fantastic and uniquely Norwegian, with staggering locations and to-die-for Scandinavian design.

The airport is just 5-minutes from the centre of Bodø, electric buses hum through the streets, whilst ferries depart to harbour to the fairy tale Lofoten islands. Mericifully under the radar, Bodø locals radiate a genuine welcome for visitors venturing to this town in the arctic circle.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 50,000
  • June ave. temp. 9°C
  • September ave. temp. 7°C

Airport transfers

  • Bodø airport | 1 mile


  • History
  • Music
  • Dining
  • Nature


  • Sauna / cold water plunges
  • Rib boats
  • Glacier hiking
  • Coastal walks
  • Flight simulators


Stepping into the centre of Bodø, the sensation is unmistakably Nordic, the redeveloped waterfront, the vast sky, the marvellous design and the pure air – it all feels so refreshingly unfamiliar, almost film-set like. But Bodø is as authentic as they come, with a bustling harbour, thriving local arts scene and fantastic outdoor lifestyle. In Bodø you will meet engaging, authentic Norwegians, wanting to learn how you ended up in arctic Norway.

The train line north ends at Bodø and whilst the road continues, Bodø has the feel of a frontier town, a place of real geographic significance. The waterfront reveals itself along the town streets and the views over the skyline are wonderful with frozen peaks all around. Possibly the best way to describe the experience of Bodø is escapism, a step into an unspoilt world that we all hoped existed and thankfully does.

Bodø is pure Norway – the water and air are unimaginably clean and the culture wonderfully undiluted. The proximity of the town to nature is magical, the crystal-clear waters of the harbour are breath-taking, whilst the jagged peaks on the horizon are jaw-dropping. The town is in the process of being nationally certified as a sustainable destination, whilst the 2024 European City of Culture will only further its cultural stock.

The concert hall is an architectural masterpiece which hosts regional performances and the annual music festival features performances in the town centre square, its venues, as well as the surrounding mountains. Bodø is served by an airport, just 5 minutes from the town centre and so compact that visitors are in and out in no time at all.


RIB boat in Norway.

riding whirlpools

Rib across the world's most powerful tidal flow.

2 people in a flight simulator.

flight simulator

30 minutes to learn how to land a plane.

Floating sauna in a harbour, Bodø, Norway.

test of mettle

Sauna to 3 degree water - Nordic fun.


Bodø is located between the ocean and the mountains, with much of the local event activities being water-based. As well as the adrenalin-filled RIB rides over the whirlpools of the largest tidal flow in the world, more sedate boat tours and sailing are possible. 

Stand up paddling and sea kayaking are popular pursuits in Bodø and the nearby Lofoten islands as well. Additionally, the Lofoten islands have some great surf spots to learn the finest of all sports.

Adventure Trekking in the coastal mountains is an inclusive event activity as are mountain bike and e-biking tours. For those event planners looking for some thrill-seeking event activities for the brave attendees, a via ferrata route hangs high over the ocean.

Culture is in abundance in Bodø – the stunning concert hall and numerous music venues and festivals make Bodø a fascinating place to host an event.


Norway is super stylish and Bodø is no different. There are some fantastic restaurants throughout the town, offering contemporary, traditional, and fusion cuisine. Wine is widely served to accompany the menus, mostly imported and paired with the seasonal menus, whilst Norewegian cider is a popular choice.

For those looking for a truly authentic Norwegian dining experience, there are restaurants that are unique to the region and their menus are unlikely to be found outside of the country.

Bodø was a town built on fish, its cod hauls were the stuff of legend, and the fish still play a central role in their regional cuisine. There are some wonderful fish restaurants serving local catches including both cod and salmon. Reindeer meat, herded by the Sami people of the arctic is another local speciality.

Non-meat eaters can discover some wonderful menus with crops produced during the short arctic growing season. Seaweed is another local delicacy.


The compact centre of Bodø offers a range of bars to enjoy, from private lounge venues to bustling bars filled with locals. There are sky bars overlooking the harbour as well as cafés and bars on the waterfront. Drink prices tend to be high in Norway although Bodø is known to be one of the more affordable destinations.

The newly built concert hall is both an architectural marvel and a cultural hub in the town. The hall hosts a variety of bands and concerts whilst in the summer there is a music festival that dominates the town, with performances in the concert hall, town centre and the local mountains.


There are meeting venues spread throughout Bodø, many overlooking the harbour with stunning views of the water and distant peaks. Nordic style permeates everything from the furniture to the vistas – there are some truly remarkable venues on offer. The new concert hall offers a range of modular spaces with stunning interior design and is located close to the waterfront.

There is meeting space available at the aviation museum which offers the chance to customise a layout amongst iconic planes or in the flight control tower with its 360 views over the region. Quirky, uber-stylish or intimate, Bodø has a diverse range of incredible meeting venues.

In addition to the inspiring meeting venues, Bodø has superb activities and dining to supplement a meeting event. There are a range of restaurants offering high-end dining, in stylish surrounding, with a welcoming atmosphere. Group activities are superb with everything from cultural site-seeing, light leisure, and serious action activities all possible.

The compact nature of the town ensures that event attendees don’t have be shuttled between venues around the town – everything is within a short walk, offering the chance to take in the pristine arctic air.


The working harbour in the heart of Bodø has a secret – a floating sauna that can be rented privately. Even if plunging into 3-degree water fills you with dread, banish the fear – few things in life are as rewarding as this.


Crank up the coals, heat the core and then leap into water as clear and cold as you will ever experience – the sensation is unforgettably wonderful. Repeat.

  • Floating sauna in a harbour, Bodø, Norway.

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