Oslo has a foot in the past and one in the future – it’s steeped in historic significance yet forges ahead in world-leading urbanisation. Meeting & incentive events in Oslo offer serious wow-factor.


Fringed by mountains and fjords, Oslo is a stunning, vibrant and fascinating urban space. Historic structures, globally significant institutions and ground-breaking architectural masterpieces lie side-by-side along its magical waterfront. In summer this area is alive with terraces, beaches, water sports and floating saunas.

With around 1/5th of Norway’s population inhabiting greater Olso, a big part of the nation is condensed into this region, ensuring short event visits can deliver much of Norwegian life.

Oslo is bursting with globally significant landmarks and the fantastic urban planning ensures it is easy to get to experience these places, on foot or water. Navigating the city offers the chance to see this urban utopia in motion, with open spaces, pontoons and beaches all enjoyed by Norwegians, basking in the open air.

The deep pockets of the Norwegian state have ensured that event spaces, cultural landmarks and facilities are abundant, making Oslo a superb location for a meeting or incentive event.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 1m (Greater Olso)
  • June ave. temp. 16°C
  • September ave. temp. 12°C

Airport transfers

  • Oslo Gardermoen | 31 miles
  • TORP Sandefjord | 74 miles


  • Museums
  • Art
  • History
  • Dining
  • Institutions
  • Olympic legacy


  • Floating saunas
  • Rib boats
  • Sailing
  • Abseiling
  • Zip line
  • Kayaking


With around a third of Norway’s population living in Greater Oslo, the city dominates culturally as well as politically. The city on the fjord, water is entwined into the fabric of the city with bathing beaches all along the waterfront, museums & theatre lining the fjord and commuters riding the ferries to the city from the islands. The waterfront of Oslo is stunning, iconic and expanding to the east.

Joining the historic Nobel Peace Centre and the Akershus Fortress on the fjord are the stunning recent additions of the Munch Museum and the National Opera House. Deep government pockets have been put to impressive use with these stunning structures. Life beneath them continues with beach bars, fjord swimming and floating saunas allowing residents and visitors alike to sample the incredible Oslo way of life.

The capital with the most open space globally, Olso is a joy to explore. The city is linked by a fantastic transport system, cycle paths and waterfront pedestrian routes. Olso is a fusion of old and new, with historic fortifications residing next to wonderful, modern architecture. New suburbs are springing up on the western side of the fjord, waterfront enclaves with steps to pontoons for swimming and water sports – a Nordic Venice!

Dining is a similar mix of new and old, with fusion cuisine bridging the gap between traditional Norwegian fayre and international cuisine, including south and east Asian dining. Heading out into the fjords, there are a series of islands, magical oases where the luckiest residents of Oslo call home. Attractions and entertainment can be customised here to cater for group events.



Explore suburban Olso in a river kayak, ending up at the Munch Museum in Oslo fjord.

Floating sauna

North of Oslo is the stunning ski jump, offering the chance to zip wire from the peak with incredible views.

zip wire

North of Oslo is the stunning ski jump, offering the chance to zip wire from the peak with incredible views.



As well as numerous cycle lanes and a pedestrianised waterfront, Oslo is superbly connected by trams, trains and ferries. By the end of 2023 the city will be the first capital in the world to have a zero-emission public transport network.

As part of a wider sustainability programme, the decarbonisation of the network is a truly significant milestone and a benchmark for other cities – these visions are all achievable with investment. A point about the investment - it was reported that the tender for electric vehicles was some 5% lower than their diesel counterparts.

As with many things sustainable, the greening of the transport of the transport system is not just good for ECG reporting, the air quality is set to markedly improve whilst the noise of rumbling bus engines will be a distant memory.

These are no peripheral issues - clean air and calm atmosphere have a significant impact on our wellbeing, adding to the experience of locals and visitors.


As capital of Norway, Olso boasts the widest range of dining options in the country. Its southern location on the fjord ensure that seafood is widely consumed in the city. Influences from the north include reindeer, whilst there is a thriving microbeer industry as well as cider, made with west coast apples.

Locations include historic settings as well as modern, venues with themed dining possible for group events. Waterfront dining is hugely popular and can be combined with visits to the many attractions in this part of Oslo.

As an international city of global stature, Olso attracts residents and visitors from all over the world. The supply and demand for international cuisine has resulted in a wide range of dining options in Oslo. Large Indian and East Asian communities have developed numerous fantastic restaurants.

Groups can get to sample the domestic and international flavours at one of the many street food markets that are popular in Oslo.


Olso is a truly multicultural city offering a varied and thriving nightlife scene. The nightlife powerhouse of the region, Oslo has a wonderful mix of indoor and outdoor nightlife. Bar, restaurant, and café terraces abound along the Oslo fjord.

The long summer days can be whiled away amongst the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the waterfront. Micro-breweries are numerous in Oslo, offering unique and sustainable brews to enjoy, whilst the city’s live music scene is vibrant.

Famously expensive alcohol in Norway is only part of the story. A beer might cost double the amount of one bought in a provincial European town, but if compared with French and Swiss resorts or other European capitals, the differences become far less stark.

And when combined with dining, the overall price is often very competitive with wining and dining in other parts of Europe – Norway dining is both high quality and surprisingly well priced.


Oslo is a globally significant city with numerous institutions and academies including the Noble Peace Center. Meetings & seminars can take place within city centre museums, in venues amongst the waterfront and islands of the Olso Fjord or else in and around the Holmenkollbakken ski jump to the north of the city.

Venues range from historic to ultra-modern. Oslo has superb air and internal connections as well as world-beating urban infrastructure and services.

Some 90 minutes to the southwest of the city is the Oslo Fjord Convention Centre, a sprawling convention resort on the waterfront. The Oslo Fjord Convention Centre has capacity for several thousand delegates, offers accommodation on-site and often hosts large music and sporting events.

Both here and in the city, there are a wide range of activities, dining, and entertainment to complement a meeting & seminar event programme.


For those with limited time the attractions and built wonders along the waterfront of Oslo are unmissable, with museums, amenities, and the famous Olso Opera House all easily reached.


Start at one end and walk the waterfront promenade, stop for a coffee, lunch, a sauna or a swim. Drop in on the National Museum, the Opera House, the Munch Museum – this part of Norway is truly packed with meaningful moments.

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