An airport, bustling city, jaw-dropping coves, wild interior, wonderful cuisine, vineyards and incredible venues & activities – all this on one island. Mallorca has absolutely everything for a superb meeting or incentive event.


Be suspicious of claims of an event destination that has it all. Unless that is in relation to Mallorca. In terms of connectivity, climate, culture, variety, activities, and gastronomy – Mallorca is an event planner’s utopia, a destination where meeting and incentive events just work as planned.

Popular it might be, but away from the peak summer hotspots, Mallorca still has so much to discover, its stunning interior, secluded coves and in Palma, a capital city that is a joy to experience, a fascinating labyrinth of vibrant streets that open up onto a marina and the Mallorcan coast.

Mallorca has been reborn over recent decades, with the return of rich Spanish culture, architecture and cuisine. Stunning villages dot the interior with exceptional food and wine, harbours offer ultra-chic terrace bars and beaches are now fringed with high-end restaurants serving outstanding Spanish cuisine.

The island is geologically dramatic with a 1400mm mountainous interior and precipitous cliffs diving into emerald coves. There are action sports on the coast and in the interior, whilst those looking for culture or relaxation can sample some wonderful experiences in divine settings.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 869 000
  • June ave. temp. 21°C
  • September ave. temp. 21°C

Airport transfers

  • Palma | 5 miles
  • Sóller | 21 miles
  • Alcúdia | 38 miles


  • Palma cathedral
  • Wine tours
  • Tapas tours
  • Michelin dining


  • Segway tours
  • Water sports
  • Golf
  • Sailing
  • Air sports


Mallorca is the 7th largest island in the Mediterranean and offers a great diversity of terrain. The majority of the island’s population is concentrated in Palma de Mallorca, whilst there are resorts all around the coast as well as a wonderful, rugged and sparsely populated interior.

The south east of Mallorca is relatively developed, whilst the north and north west of the island are less developed areas. The far north is dramatic with sheer cliffs where Mallorca abruptly ends, whilst Palma de Mallorca offers city amenities and a vibrant culture.

Authentic Spain is the present and future of Mallorca and there has been a resurgence of Spanish influences across the island, over recent years. The vineyards of Mallorca are producing and exhibiting excellent wines, whilst there are currently 9 Michelin starred restaurants on the island.

Genuine Spanish experiences are abundant both in Palma and the majority of coastal and interior settlements.


Nearly half the population of Mallorca resides in Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of the island. Situated in a south-facing cove, Palma has a wonderful coastal promenade, beaches, marina and port. The island’s airport is located just 5 miles east of the city and there is access to the island by ferry which docks in the port of Palma de Mallorca.

Palma is by far the biggest city on the island and is the cultural, retail and entertainment hub of the island. It is a fantastically vibrant city with a diverse range of attractions.

The cathedral of Mallorca, located close to the waterfront and the Mallorca marina is a focal point of the city, dominating the skyline. Palma opens up behind the cathedral with a labyrinth of streets and squares, whilst in the opposite direction the promenade gives way to the extensive marina and the Mediterranean Sea.

City beaches are located to the east of the marina, whilst north of the Cathedral there are the numerous historic sites in the central Palma area. Dining and nightlife across Palma are sensational with a huge mix of locations and budget options on offer.


Water sports

Plunge into the emerald waters off Mallorca with one of the many water sports activities.

Beach / pool party

Cocktails by the water, tapas & rhythms drifting off in the Mediterranean breeze.

Wine tasting

Escape to the gorgeous interior of Mallorca and sample their superb wines & tapas.


Mallorcan cuisine has experienced a renaissance over recent decades. Mallorca is famed for its dining experiences with gastronomic recognition extending to 9 Michelin starred restaurants on the island.

Further fine dining is available throughout the island and some of the dining venues are spectacular with farmhouses of the island’s interior, right through to marina and beach-front terraces offering incredible views over the Mediterranean.

Seafood is a popular dish in Mallorca, given its access to the ocean, whilst the interior of the island produces a range of meats that are cooked to delectable, regional Spanish recipes.

Paellas are a staple dish, and Tapas is found throughout the towns and Palma de Mallorca. Grills on waterfront terraces are the perfect accompaniment to a beach or pool party.


There is a huge variety if nightlife in Mallorca, with coastal resorts offering hospitality to visitors, private venues providing exclusive locations for private parties and local’s bars located across the coastal resorts and interior of Mallorca.

Locally produced wines are widely available whilst the island lifestyle makes cocktails and spirits a popular choice.

Palma de Mallorca is the centre of nightlife on the island with more variety and establishments than any other location. There are local’s bars showing sport and serving Tapas, live music venues, as well as high-end venues with terraces in enviable locations.

The waterfront in Palma de Mallorca is a wonderful place to enjoy a drink amongst the sea breezes coming off the Mediterranean.


There are 2 dedicated congress centres located in Palma de Mallorca. Benefiting from proximity to the main population centre of the island as well as the international airport, these congress centres offer professional meeting, conference and exhibition services including technical support and catering.

There are numerous conference venues that are part of hotel complexes or are stand-alone venues, located right across Mallorca. Venues include historic venues in rural settings to modern design venues that take in the splendour of the island and its natural setting.


Palma de Mallorca is truly unmissable. The capital city of Mallorca, hosts nearly half of the island’s population and has a wealth of facilities to cater for the population. 

There are numerous museums for those wanting a cultural experience and endless nightspots for those aiming to witness day-break.

Explore the historic centre on foot or take a bike along the coastal promenade.

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