New challenges in unfamiliar territory – corporate team building events offer great opportunities to build teams through the shared experience of novel activities in unique locations.

The days of heading to the coast for dawn till dusk sunbaking are long gone and now these coastal areas offer a wide range of action activities, ideally suited to corporate event, group team building activities.

A million miles from the muddy fields of Berkshire, with barking drill sergeants and barbed wire, summer team building events can be hugely enjoyable and successful in bringing teams together.


One of the standout summer team building activities is white water rafting. Its unfamiliar, foreboding landscape, with fluid, constantly evolving challenges makes for a true adrenalin experience. Groups work in unison under the guidance of a rafting guide and their descent of the river is reliant on their coordinated, team actions.

Hiking these days has moved on from stiles and compasses, with adventure hiking offering small groups the chance to explore the mountains and coast with abseils and rock scrambles. Whilst canyoning offers a blend of the 2, with adrenalin-filled scrambles, slides and leaps down the river bed.

Moving along the waterline of the coast in small groups, coasteering offers teams the chance to work together to scale rock faces, chimneys and caves. Teams encourage their members to take leaps into the water and support each other in swimming between coves and exiting the water.

Sailing, with mini regattas is a hard to match activity that is heavily reliant on team work, as boats race against each other in pursuit of the best wind and ultimately the finish line. Sailing hardware is serious quality, whilst the settings are some of the most exclusive in Europe.


Alpine waters meet the towering granite of the Alps in Lake Garda, terrain which offers a huge range of superb team activities.


With a rugged, mountainous interior and extensive coastline, the range of team building activities across Mallorca is extraordinary.


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