Clear minds with the rarefied alpine air, replace the daily commute with a shuffle along a snow-banked passage and meet in a sumptuous, contemporary seminar room, lit by alpine sun, high in the mountains. Break out onto sun-drenched terraces with coffee and views of mesmerising beauty, before returning to business and getting the absolute maximum out of the assembled talent.

Meetings are a key part of most working weeks, with most taking place within the confines of the office. However, there are times when minds need to be further engaged, when decisions are more impactful or solutions more intractable – this is when a change of location often helps get the best out of the assembled team.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- We have unrivalled knowledge of fantastic destinations & venues, ideally suited to meeting & seminar events.

- We work with both large & small companies and have had great client feedback for our meeting & seminar events.

- We are driven to exceed expectations with every meeting & seminar event that we organise.

Our meeting & seminar events

- We plan & deliver meeting & seminar corporate events in readily accessed, remarkable destinations across the Alps.

- From initial contact to delivery, our clients are assigned a dedicated manager working on their meeting & seminar event.

- Meeting & seminar programs involve sourcing meeting venues, support services, client accommodation, transfers and activities.


Modern venues with uncluttered interiors and access to spellbinding vistas are common features of alpine resorts. Either in the resort or on the mountain, there are many venues to stimulate the mind and extract the very best from the assembled team. The resort options frequently have the most convenient access and the most services in close proximity, whilst the mountain-top venues deliver the true drama of the location. Not all meeting & seminar venues are cutting-edge contemporary however, there are many magnificent, historic venues which offer equally engaging atmospheres and first-class technical services.

All work and no play makes the meeting sessions underperform. This fact is not lost on our clients and in almost every case, the event program is developed so that the clients experience a mix of alpine activities and meeting & seminar sessions. Days can be split between meeting sessions and activities including skiing & snowboarding. Alternatively, on multiday events, the meeting and activity sessions can be separated to focus on one theme each day. Events can often be tailored to the client’s specific needs.


How about a meeting in the highest seminar room in the Alps, located at 3883m, surrounded by glaciers and solar panels?


With a superb congress centre and excellent venues throughout the valley, Kitzbühel excels for meeting & seminar events.


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