No compromise event programs, with jaw-dropping, adrenalin-inducing activities, delivered from exquisite, exclusive locations. Dine on the world’s finest alpine terraces, take to the air, snow or ice for the ultimate thrills and stay in truly sumptuous accommodation. Money can't buy everything, but it can deliver a corporate ski event that will be hard-coded into company folklore.

It is possible to be on the most exclusive slopes the Alps has to offer and still gaze in wonder at VIP terraces, helicopters flying overhead or exclusive event activities taking place. If you can't beat them, join them, with a money can't buy 3-day event program that recalibrates what it means to live it up in the Alps.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- We have indepth knowledge of a wide range of superb destinations that offer that ‘money can't buy’ experience.

- We work with large & small companies and have had great feedback when delivering ‘money can't buy’ events.

- We are passionate and meticulous in approach, about every corporate event that we organise.

Our ‘money can't buy’ events

- We organise ‘money can't buy’ corporate events in the very best & exclusive locations across the Alps.

- From brief to feedback, clients have dedicated event manager working on their ‘money can't buy’ event.

- ‘Money can't buy’ activities include Olympic bobsled, sky-diving, heli-flights, fine dining, as well as spectator events.


The extra-mile is absolutely possible, even in some of the most exclusive and scenic terrain on the planet. Those who have come to appreciate the better things in life, will also register the attention-to-detail touches, that take moments from the outstanding, to the unrivalled. Arrive in style with a fixed wing landing in the resort aerodrome or else a helicopter touch-down, (depending on the resort). Accommodation can be exclusive-use hotel or chalet, whilst some 5-star hotels offer exclusive suites with interconnected rooms and exclusive terraces. Dining can also be a private affair with exclusive-use restaurants, or else the very best tables in the house ,or on the terrace. Mountain gastronomy means Michelin, and there are award-winning restaurants dotting the Alps, waiting to welcome the luckiest of guests.

In terms of shared group ski activities, there are a number that really stand-out, with heli-skiing or group guiding by a current or ex-ski racing celebrity amongst the favourites. Skiers can also be pulled behind a horse in skijoring or else strap their skis to their backs and fly at 120 km/h, hundreds of metres above the snow-capped peaks and glaciers on a zip line. If further speed is required, then clients can experience first-hand the thrills and G’s of an Olympic bobsled course. Paragliding is an incredible experience but if that seems too sedate, how about returning to the resort with a sky-dive? A little slower paced, clients can experience the majesty of the mountains from a balloon flight and closer to earth they can see stunning sporting events or have VIP access to music concerts.


How could Courchevel possibly be overlooked? One of the original, money can't buy resorts, the place oozes style, exclusivity and ways to live in another world for a few days.


The resort of choice for celebrities and host to some of the greatest winter sports events, Kitzbühel has everything and more to pack into a 3-day money can't buy event.


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