Winter dims the lights as the aurora borealis dances the sky in this magical arctic outpost. Land on the edge of the city, dine like a Viking & experience thrills on the top of the world – corporate events in Tromsø are spectacular.


Pockets of overwhelming allure are dwindling on our planet, yet Tromsø in the far northern reaches of the Norwegian Arctic retains this in spades. Winter ensures the eye-candy shifts from the horizon to the skies overhead, but the city is much the same.

A frontier town, with Norway’s famous quality, welcoming locals with a wonderfully authentic experience. Stepping off a flight at Tromsø airport has clients leaving their everyday far, far behind, this is a true escape to another, more beautiful, remote and invigorating world.

The real magic of Tromsø is the contrast between the compact island city and the vast swathes on wilderness which begin on the city limits – a tiny outpost of humanity, dropped amongst limitless nature. Tromsø is wonderfully compact and easily navigable on foot.

Yet on its doorstep, in every direction is rugged nature - vast plains, ocean inlets and rocky peaks. Whether on land or water, the region around Tromsø is an absolute playground and spectacularly good as a host for corporate meetings & incentive events.


Facts & figures

  • City height: 0m
  • Population | 58,000
  • January ave. temp. -4°C

Airport transfers

  • Tromsø | 3 miles


  • Museums
  • Research centres
  • Northern lights
  • Glass & jewellery ateliers

Arctic activities

  • Arctic swimming
  • Ski touring
  • Arctic sauna
  • Northern lights tours
  • Husky rides
  • Skidooing


As far removed from Les 3 Vallées as clients will find, Tromsø hosts local community skiing around the city, as well as some of the most sought-after ski touring terrain anywhere, slightly further afield. Soulful and fun, skiing on the island includes BakOlsen, a small community hill served by a surface tow, with views of the ocean and a chance to ski with the locals.

Just over the city bridge is Tromsø Alpinpark, easily reached from the city and offering floodlit skiing, served by 4 ski lifts.

Around 50km as the crow flies from Tromsø, yachts host skiers and boarders in the fjords beneath the Lyngen Alps. Pulling up to jetties, the lucky guests get to climb and ride some of the most spectacular ski terrain on the planet. Stunning peaks fall away to the pristine arctic waters. Not even heli-skiing can compete with a day in the Lyngen Alps.


Arctic sauna

Swap the searing heat of the flaoting sauna for the ice cold waters of the harbour.

Northern lights

Experience the greatest physics experiment in the world with the aurora borealis.


Chef, smoking food in kitchen.

Sustainable dining

Marvel at the local dishes, crafted around arctic ingredients.


Within touching distance of 70°N, Tromsø is an escape to another world. Tromsø is an island dropped amongst unimaginably vast and pristine expanses in the far northern reaches of Norway. The frontier spirit is immediately obvious, as is the remarkable nature and the enviable Norwegian quality which runs through the city and its service providers.

On a practical level Tromsø is outstanding for corporate meetings and incentive events - the airport transfer takes just minutes and the 10km long island and compact centre is easy to navigate. Then there is the sense of escape – Tromsø is as starkly different to the embarkation airports as can be found – clients are taken far from anything that resembles their daily work life. Event planners continually seek going one better, just try following Tromsø!

Set on a compact island lapped by arctic waters, this is essentially the last city of any size this far north. With a population of 58 000, this is no metropolis, but it has an international airport just 3 miles from the city centre, university & arctic research institutes and a population created by a wonderful mix of nationalities, all incapable of resisting the arctic allure of Tromsø.

Pedestrian streets with seductive retail & dining, a harbour as gritty as it is Instagramable, and waterfront terraces that lead to a bridge, and beyond a cable car to the local peak overlooking the region. Sample a local ale in the brewery, see glass blowers & jewellery artisans at work, jump from a sauna into arctic waters or just look up and see the greatest physics show in the world.


Taste buds are naturally primed in the arctic and dining in Tromsø is an unforgettable experience. Stuffy it isn’t, uniquely arctic Norway it is. Tromsø is a certified sustainable destination, and this translates to locally sourced food. Some things don’t grow on the arctic tundra and most of those won't appear on the menu.

Instead, accomplished chefs create exquisite dishes, dominated by what the local lands and waters offer. Those dining in Tromsø can experience new and unforgettable taste sensations, otherwise unavailable in their localities.

Settings are another key feature of Tromsø dining and the Tromsø waterfront offers numerous arctic / Nordic style restaurants – relaxed ambience, sumptuous Nordic décor and fusion cuisine. Fjellheisen peak overlooks the city and is reached by cable car - it is one of the most iconic locations in Tromsø.

The setting is spectacular, and a team dinner can combined with a meeting or live entertainment. Moments of arctic air on the terrace jutting out over the rockface will remain long in client’s memories.


There are no more innate human cravings than seeking shelter, and the escape from the arctic cold to a warm, bustling bars is a memorable & unmissable Tromsø experience.

Walk the pedestrianised centre of Tromsø and window shop the bars – wonderfully stylish interiors with animated patrons are just too hard to resist. Tromsø is no retirement outpost, and the city has a vibrant live music scene, serving its young and international audience.

The Ølhallen (beer hall or simply ‘the hall’) is an iconic venue in Tromsø. Opened in 1928, the 72 beer taps have been bringing joy and culture to visitors for many generations.

Groups can be accommodated within its historic walls, whilst a visit can be combined with a visit to the neighbouring Mack brewery, the suppliers of its brews, where Polar Bears lurk and Beatles music is played to stimulate and flavour the fermentation tanks.


Confound the mind under the unrelenting darkness and then shock it under the greatest physics experiment on the planet. What better preparation can there be for colleagues to solve their most intractable problems, to finetune campaigns, or rubber-stamp pathways to corporate success?

Tromsø is a truly outstanding location to liberate and focus minds – the nature, the light, the quality – they all conspire to inspire.

One of the great arctic vantage points, Fjellheisen is reached by cable car from the city suburbs and overlooks Tromsø, its waters and the mountains of the region. Privatised, the venue at the top station of the cable car offers naturally lit rooms, breakout terraces offering staggering views and drinking & dining with an arctic slant.

A meeting at Fjellheisen will be a meaningful and memorable highlight.



After a 2-year application process, Tromsø was accredited in 2019 with the nationally recognised Sustainable Destination label by the government agency - Innovation Norway. The accreditation ensures that the social and environmental impact of event attendees is mitigated on multiple levels.

Of the 17 United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, Tromsø has identified 6 areas to concentrate initiatives on:

Health and well-being.
Quality work and economic growth.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
Sustainable cities and communities.
Responsible consumption and production.


Summer or winter, the absolute highlight for us is the Pust Sauna, a floating community of bathers who swap the searing heat of the sauna for the unthinkably cold of the arctic waters. Terrifying a prospect as it is, the plunge into the fearsomely cold waters is absolutely achievable, even for non-arctic folk. The thrill, invigoration, and sense of achievement is something that will never leave those taking the plunge.



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