The Alps are the pedestal for truly impactful team building activities. Mountain settings both intimidate & embrace us. In teams, develop heads for heights or speed, learn technical or survival skills and finish the day learning the art of ski boot dancing. Team building events in the mountains are spectacular and meaningful.

Take corporate clients out of their day-to-day routines, to a world apart, where mountains tower overhead and weather swings through extremes. Then put the clients in groups and challenge them with shared pursuits and watch the team learn, develop & solidify, as they vanquish their alpine challenges.

The environment of the Alps is ideally suited to team building, especially given the activities and pursuits that have developed on these high peaks. Just about everything there is dissimilar to the daily routines of clients, making the Alps such a fertile ground to bring teams together.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- We have unrivalled knowledge of remarkable destinations that are ideally suited to team building events.

- We work with both large & small companies and have had great client feedback for our team building events.

- We are truly passionate about every team building event that we organise and are meticulous throughout the process.

Our team building events

- We organise team building corporate events in convenient & remarkable locations across the Alps.

- From event brief to feedback, clients have a dedicated event manager working on their team building event.

- Team building activities include Olympic bobsled, zip lining, sky-diving & ice climbing, whilst après ski is a great bonder.


An Alpine environment is naturally both stimulating and challenging, whilst detached from everyday experiences and offering unique activities. Skiing and snowboarding are often the primary pursuits, and structured races can be organised, but there are many activities which can be great for team building.

Ice climbing, zip wires and Olympic bobsled require some steely nerves, whilst natural and artificial platforms can be a great place for team experiences and photos. Glacier tours take groups to challenging & foreboding terrain and for the well-insured, fearless clients out there, ski jumping courses can be arranged. Igloo / shelter building, team races, shooting and rope work are all popular team building activities on the snow.

Teams can be built is the muddy fields in Northamptonshire. They can also be forged in the rarefied, frigid air of the Alps. Put that choice to a team vote! A world away from the city sky lines & daily commutes, the Alps are a striking contrast to the daily routines of most corporate ski clients.

The settings of these high-altitude destinations create reflection, awe and determination, offering an environmental context that is naturally conducive to team building. As well as building, there is bonding and the thrills & spills on snow often create some truly memorable moments. There are few pursuits more certain to create highlights than après ski, where barriers are broken, ski boots take to the tables and company legends are born.


Endless activities, glaciers to explore, precipitous platforms and après ski for team building, bonding sessions – Sölden has it all for corporate team building.


The drama of the Chamonix valley, the fearless mountaineering community and the huge range of activities make Chamonix a team building epicentre.


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