100km/h on a single-bladed sled

The Klumper makes you stop and stare. It is a small wooden seat that perches on another upright of wood - this upright connects to a thin steel runner which forms the runner and along with trembling feet is the sole link between the 'pilot' and the earth.

This simple concept was imported into the Austrian Tirol from northern Italy many years ago and there is a now burgeoning following for this type of vehicle.

The World Championships, taking place in Tulfes, Innsbruck on the 7th February 2015 sees riders getting up to 100 km/h on their Klumpers. Solid footwear advised (although the message doesn't seem to have been heeded above) and courage levels of Lewis Hamilton essential. Let the race begin and see who in your team has got what it takes to take a Klumper to 3 digits of speed!

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