2 weekends in Kitzbühel

There are a couple of weekends approaching in Kitzbuhel that shouldn't be missed.

The 11th Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup runs from the 17th - 20th January 2013, whilst the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm FIS race weekend on the famous Streif course follows on the 25th - 27th January 2013. If you have 3 days (or better still 10 days to take in both events) free then Kitzbuhel is a near unmissable place to be at the end of January.

To kick off this event extravaganza the snow polo offers some serious hospitality in Reith, just outside Kitzbuhel. Leading teams take to the snow to hit an orange ball back and forth between goals - this of course being the uninitiated view of proceedings. The marquee is abuzz with chat, handshakes and the whiff of fine food and drink, whilst those inside spill out on the terrace to watch the action just metres away when the games get underway. Whilst the mastery of horseman and womanship is something to behold, it pales into insignificance when compared to those super humans who throw themselves down the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm Streif course on Saturday morning a week later. Before the arrival of extreme sports events then the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm stood head and shoulders above any other sporting spectacle out there. Even today with camera-laden crazies throwing themselves into the air and very close to the ground, the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm is up there with the very best. Doubt these words? Go and see it, the first 20 seconds defy belief. The atmosphere is truly world class, whilst the after-race party in Kitzbuhel itself is second to none in the Alps. 10 days in Kitzbuhel - make sure it is high up on that list of things to do before the care home!

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