2018 – yep, it snowed alright! |

After a few late starts to winter over recent years, the 2017-18 winter got off to a flyer and never stopped snowing – right until the end.

Level 5 avalanche warnings around Innsbruck for the first time in around 20 years. Zermatt being cut off on 2 occasions in the same winter, whilst Tignes had over 5.5m of snow in December and January, almost 4m more than their normal for that period. 

From our office in Innsbruck we skied powder pretty much every weekend and during a visit to Val d’Isère, buildings in the old town which historically had a summer (street level) and winter (first floor) door, were using their raised entrance due to the massive snow pack.

Resort roofs were bowed in St Anton am Arlberg and the pisten bullies were often cutting paths under chairlifts to create clearance. It is hard to remember such an epic winter and it will be challenging to settle for anything less in the coming winter. Instagram feeds are a great way to reminisce but nothing beats starting the weekend, skiing through waist deep powder on a Friday afternoon. Fingers crossed for 18/19!

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