£35K wine at the Hospiz Alm, St Christoph

Working in the event business we get to see a lot of truly amazing hotels and restaurants, but without doubt, the Hospiz Alm in St Christoph am Arlberg takes the gong for the most impressive wine cellar.

Some of Europe's most celebrated wine experts regularly gather here for tastings, and one simply cannot imagine what precious drops a Napoleonic vintage must taste like. At prices for rare vintages around GBP 35,000, every sip must be worth savouring!

For those of us less inclined to put their house into second mortgage or send the companies expense account in the red for the next decade, there are double magnums and up to 17 litre bottles which are good value. And might I say, these big bottle wines are extremely impressive, carried to your table by 2 waiters with a specially built brass wine holder. The entire group will be instagraming all night long.

The Hospiz Alm is however notable not just for its wine but with 2 toques from Gault Millau, the dining experience here is also top shelf. Regional cuisine is de rigueur and the combination of exceptional dining and wine selection acts as a magnet for European royalty and celebrities, with their 'celebrity wall' absolutely groaning with photos. Private rooms are the modus operandi or for those wanting to be seen, the upstairs balcony area is by 'invitation only'.

For an incentive or corporate group the Alm offers an evening of conviviality, gourmet dining and drinking and bucket-loads of brag factor.

The Hospiz Alm is located in St Christoph am Arlberg, so is perfect for groups staying in either St Christoph, St Anton or Lech - Zürs.

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