57th Anglo-Swiss Parliamentary Davos-Klosters ski week - really!

Believe it or not this half century old extravaganza wraps up tomorrow. Location-wise the choice of Davos-Klosters would surely add to our faith in the decision making capabilities of our parliamentarians - high, extensive and snow-laden, Davos and Klosters offers some superb skiing.

They can't be faulted for that decision, nor can the fact that they have conjured up this chance for dialogue between the decision makers of two of the financial powerhouses of the European continent. I would imagine that the brainchild of this annual event back in 1956 has a most revered status in the halls of power of the UK and by extension it would be fair to assume that the Swiss counterparts are beaming with satisfaction when political dialogue is taking place on a chair lift or terrace. Spare a thought for those within ear-shot of these politicians however - sumptuous views, outstanding hospitality and exhilarating descents interrupted by an exchange of opinion regarding cross-border austerity measures.

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