80cm powder stash - 2nd week in October

The conditions on the Stubai Glacier, Austria today were as good as you will get in the peak months in any resort, globally.

The winter storm that battered the Tirol over the previous 2 days and brought havoc with power cuts and autobahn closures broke today with blue skies, cold air and 80cm of powder underfoot.

October powder skiing on the glacier skiing areas on the Alps is nothing out of the ordinary but even those used to (very) early season powder skiing must have been taken aback today - the snow-pack was extraordinary. By the end of the day powder tracks could be seen in all directions and whilst fresh snow is forecast for Wednesday, corporate ski trips don't necessarily work on the last-minute format! That said, those looking for excellent accommodation options / prices, early season novelty and uncrowded (weekday) slopes then autumn ski trips are tough to beat. Autumn skiing, long overlooked by corporates needs some serious consideration.

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