An island oasis that isn’t – Tróia

Just 35 miles from the Portuguese capital, Tróia represents one of most spectacular coastal settings in Europe. White sand, crystal waters and escapism that feels like a distant desert island – only it isn’t.

10 miles in length, the Tróia peninsula, just south of Lisbon is a natural wonder. The narrow spit of sand is land-linked from the south and by the time clients arrive at the resort on the northern tip, it feels unmistakably like a remote tropical island. Narrow enough to gaze the waters on either side and sufficiently long to forget any land bridge, the island feeling dominates.

The resort at the northern end of the peninsula offers a range of activities for clients including golf, water sports and nature walks. There are 2 conference centres in the resort, whilst the marina is a focal point of the resort with waterfront dining and rows of yachts.

One of the most spectacular natural events takes place off the north west coast of the Tróia peninsula, where the Atlantic low tides reveal incredible sand bars that connect to the beach. People wade out to these sand bars at low tide and walk out into the turquoise waters off the coast. As the tide turns these sand bars are engulfed again by the ocean, leaving visitors to scurry and wade back to the beach. Nature at its dynamic best and so hard to comprehend that it is the European coast.

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