Blink and it’s back – skiing returns to the Alps |

Cool and wet weather in the Austrian Alps over the last couple of weeks has delivered the timely opening of the glacier skiing areas. Lifts running on schedule, but this winter will be different to recent ones.

It’s easy to forget that early winter 2021 saw the dreaded Omicron variant burst onto the scene, threatening to take us all back to the early days of the pandemic. December saw tourists being turned away at border control for expired tests and masks were still mandatory in many places. Whilst many enjoyed the slopes, we still endured the hangovers from the pandemic. But we are…

Back to normality

Winter 22/23 should be a return to sucking in the alpine air and cramming into intimate mountain huts. Masks are no longer mandatory and there is no sense of a return to restrictions which accompanied the exit period from the pandemic. At present there are still mask wearing restrictions on public transport in some areas such as Italy and Germany but generally, masks are currently going into fancy dress drawers.

Russian New Year is history

Manufacturers of blingy outerwear and suppliers of spirits are staring into the abyss due to the long-term cancellation of the Russian New Year celebrations in the Alps. 1st January was never a date for corporate ski events but now the first part of January will see new availability offered by suppliers in the leading resorts. You’ve got to hope that in the long term, some of these beds are filled with victorious, prosperous, and free Ukrainians. The irony.


Prices of everything from ski hire to schnapps in the Alps will be higher than previous winters. The global nature of inflation should prepare visitors for the higher prices, whilst the current focus on prices will likely make consumers more price conscious. Ski trips have always been premium products, they will cost slightly more this year, but the quality of the experience should be as extraordinary as ever.

So, all that remains is for the skies to grey and blanket the lower resorts and winter 22/23 will provide memorable moments for ski event attendees.

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