Corporate ski tips # 3 - rent or buy

Buy boots, rent skis, ski well and save money. There are 2 main connections between you and the snow - the links between your feet and ski boots and between your boots and the skis.

With a qualified ski tech there should be little trouble in getting the boots to fit safely and optimally with the ski bindings. A few turns to adjust the ski bindings and you are good to go on newly serviced skis that can be returned and exchanged. New lengths, models, shapes and brands can be explored and given that people ski at different times of the season and that conditions can vary greatly week to week then there is every chance of lugging the wrong ski to a resort. Try a powder ski on hard packed ice and you will soon ski like a novice; have your GS race skis underfoot on powder days and it can literally make you weep! Arriving in a resort, looking at snow in trees and a glance at the weather forecast you can better select your weapon of choice from the armoury at the local ski hire shop. And if conditions change midweek then drop them back in and select a new ski. As well as avoiding the outrageous carriage charges for skis and of course the purchase price then renting skis can offer a whole range of options. As compelling as the case is for renting skis - it is for owning boots. Boots form an absolutely critical link between the foot and the ski and any poor fit is immediately translated into significant loss of control and performance of the skier. Add to the list painful or blistering boots and hiring ski boots can be a real lottery. They may weigh a fair amount and take up a reasonable space but if you can bury them in a suitcase you aren't going to incur the costs associated with ski carriage. They also cost less to buy, don't give you slipped disks carrying through arrivals and whilst odorous ski boots are not uncommon it is surely preferable slipping your food into scented delights of your own making!

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