Corridor, bridge or bubble, but where first?

For months now, it has been too painful to dream about travel. Only now can we begin to seriously imagine face masks, Netflix and empty shelves being replaced by the tastes, smells and sounds of faraway lands. It’s time to dream again and we’re no different. I take a look at options from a personal and event perspective.

Travel experiences feel almost too distant to draw on anymore, such has been the confinement over the recent months, but now it might be time to consider the prison break. So, from an event perspective I would be looking at event options in northern Europe, in particular Holland and Belgium. With society’s renewed focus on sustainability and the Eurostar offering a range of measures to mitigate the risks from Covid-19, I would be looking to take our clients by the train to Europe. From ticket control to seat, the whole process feels a lot less herded than air travel. Added to that, most airports around London require some form of shared transport to reach, so taking the Eurostar may be reducing the possible amount of interactions. 

Arriving at say Rotterdam central station, I would plan a walk, bike or e-scooter tour of the city, finishing at the hotel. Whilst it is a decent sized city, Rotterdam is still easy to traverse on foot and the centre can be a joy to walk or cycle around. The energy and functionality of the city is remarkable whilst the waterfront is magical. For the hotter times of the year I would look to include a trip to the nearby coast at The Hague, whilst there are plenty of outdoor activities on the water in the region which provide some of the safer environments (in a pandemic sense). Another outdoor activity to consider would be the abseil from the Euromast tower, which offers social distancing, as well as stunning views and a guaranteed adrenalin rush. Dinner would have to be aboard the SS Rotterdam, with open decks for cocktails and arrival by water taxi. Rotterdam is one of my absolute favourite destinations on the planet, Covid-19 has made it practical, as well as irresistible.

For personal escapism, I would be touching down at Osaka international airport. Having been starved of contact with the wider public for so long, where better to rediscover the vibrancy of urban living than in one of the world’s greatest cities. Walls of sound, delicacies floating on every breeze, light shows that energise and amusement & confusion around every corner. I would be looking for a world record fast hotel check-in and then to teleport myself to the Dotombori area to shop, eat, drink and grin. Bed, miso soup for breakfast and a repeat of the Dotombori adventure.

As for which air bridge, travel bubble or corridor opens first, Pyongyang may even make my bucket list right now, such is the desire to feel that sense of motion again. Let’s not forget though, that our passion and need for travel was all powerful before the virus, it isn’t going to be snuffed out because it. Planes will fly and we will come to appreciate the diversity of our planet once again – and soon.

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