Deep February - the snow keeps coming

The systems continue to roll in and for those on the slopes today the conditions in the Austrian Tirol were as good as they get.

Endless snow has fallen over the past week and whilst yesterday offered portents to how good today could be, it was those on the slopes today who got the real bounty. Yesterday allowed many to lay down tracks in some great snow but it was today when the skies cleared and offered a full view of the riches on offer. Whilst there was barely a cloud in the sky the air was absolutely frigid - the perfect combination of superb light and temperatures to ensure the snow remained light and fresh. We were in Kitzbuhel last week and the powder was way over knee high - a couple of days further snow and 3 days in the coming week of new snow and the slopes of Kitzbuhel are going to be edging up the lift towers. We got the above shot of the snow-pack in Innsbruck today, there really is a fantastic amount of snow on these peaks. Hopefully as you are reading this you are also packing passports and goggles - if not then get planning, days like today can last a lifetime in the memory!

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