Favourite ski spot in the Alps |

It’s really hard for me to name ‘the’ favourite ski spot as there are so many amazing places that I like such as Schlick, Kühtai, Sölden or Ischgl but when I have to choose, I will probably call Kappl my favourite.

It’s located on the way to Ischgl and is therefore quite easy to reach via the A12 motorway. I think it can be described as a rather small ski resort, yet it has really fantastic conditions and I would describe it as a secret spot for freeriders. Another advantage is that usually it is not too crowded and the prices for the tickets are also quite reasonable. The pistes are actually really nice with some smooth runs but also rather challenging ones, however, the real gem of this resort are the off-piste routes, some of them are even marked as ski routes but not prepared so lots of fresh snow welcomes you after a snowy night or day. Most of the good spots are actually accessible without a lot of hiking, which leaves me with more power for freeriding, which I like a lot!

I wouldn’t consider myself as a real heavy freerider, even though I love powder and there is no better feeling than skiing through fresh snow, but I do not enjoy very steep slopes too much. That is also why I really appreciate Kappl, there are of course also some rather steep slopes especially for the freeriding but in general I would say it’s just perfect to get into a nice flow for freeriding, even though you might not be too experienced. Just always keep in mind the safety aspect when you’re going off-piste! And for the very experienced free-rider there is off course also the spectacular and famous Quellspitze, which is also skied by the professional during the yearly Open Faces Freeride Series in Kappl, which is also very interesting to watch on side by the way.

Overall, Kappl is definitely worth a visit! The scenery is awesome, the snow conditions are usually quite good and of course, the food in the traditional huts is delicious, too. Timing wise I would say it’s obviously best to be there after some snowfall but in general I’d recommend any time between January and April or off course during the Open Faces Freeride Series Event.

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