Glacier skiing whilst the country does Halloween

It is hard to convey just how good glacier skiing in the depths of autumn can really be.

There has been serious snow over the Alps today and on the Austrian Glaciers up to 40cm of powder has fallen. This is going to lead to a mad dash to get on the glaciers from tomorrow until the weekend but this really isn't unusual for the time of the year. And whilst UK skiers converge on the London ski show in late October, Austria is already hosting the FIS World Cup season opener on the Rettenbach Glacier above Sölden.

And it would be wrong to consider October and November as pre-season - maybe it is in people's minds but conditions and open ski terrain on the glaciers in the Alps mean the experience is anything but pre-season. The snow conditions and weather can be extraordinary whilst Christmas markets open and accommodation options are plentiful - all in all a superb time to be on the snow.

If you haven't ever sampled skiing these vast slopes then check out this run down the piste blue 32 on the Rettenbach Glacier above Sölden:

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