In this climate it has to be Austria

It is fair to say that the climate and the climate will be on most peoples' lips this coming winter - economy and snow levels are 2 of the key variables in any corporate ski trip.

For many Austria is the ideal location to not only worry less about errant colleagues blowing the company bar bill sky high but is statistically the most snowy part of the Alps meaning fewer anxious moments on the approach to the resort. Austria in general tends to offer a service level similar to Switzerland, has luxury in abundance in the Arlberg and the Kitzbuhel region and yet avoids the excessive prices of an 1850 type resort. And for those looking for snow then the charts don't lie, Austria gets more snow than any other region of the Alps, has a ski season running from October to June and ski lifts above 3400m. So when someone tells you this winter that they went to Austria for climate reasons then it is fair to assume that they meant or discovered both.

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